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Two women have sued Apple, claiming that their ex-partners stalked them using AirTags

Two women have filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that their former boyfriends used the company's AirTag devices to follow their location and possibly endanger their safety.


On behalf of two women, one from Texas and the other from New York, the proposed class action complaint was filed in federal court in San Francisco. They demand undisclosed monetary damages.


AirTag is a small tracking device, about the size of a coin, designed to assist in the recovery of misplaced items.


According to one of the women who filed the lawsuit, her ex-boyfriend allegedly inserted an AirTag into the wheel well of her car's tire. To disguise it, the device was allegedly colored with a Sharpie marker and tied in a plastic baggie.


According to the lawsuit, the other woman's ex-husband, who had been harassing her and challenging her about her locations, placed an AirTag in her child's backpack. Despite her efforts to disable it, another one soon appeared in its place, according to the complaint.


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