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The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story…
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The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story… - 05 - A-B-A-V (Bindu Vinod) - Web Novel

The Royal Mess

A Royal Love Story…

Love, Marriage, Divorce And …

Aarti re-read her letter to verify she has articulated her query clearly. It looked fine to her. So she folded her letter and kept it on the table. She took out her daily planner to note down that the letter should be handed over to the lawyer’s office tomorrow.

Just as she opened her pen to write it down, there was a light knock on the door. Even before Aarti could respond, the door opened and Jaishree peeked in. She was holding a couple of books in her hand.

“Mom, are you busy?” Jaishree asked politely.

“Come in Chikku. I am always available for you,” replied Aarti.

Jaishree came closer to Aarti and looked at her curiously.

“What’s wrong Chikku?” asked Aarti unable to understand Jaishree’s questioning eyes.

“Huh…” stammered Jaishree and then added, “How was your ride mom? Did you enjoy it?” she asked as she sat on the velvet covered chair next to her mom and kept the books on the table.

“Yes, it was splendid. Sunshine was in good form and I enjoyed a pleasant time,” replied Aarti.

“That’s excellent!” said Jaishree in a distracted manner.

“What happened Chikku? Is something bothering you?” queried Aarti with concern.

“Huh… mom… it’s about my ramblings after the party” stammered Jaishree.

“What about that?”

“Sorry mom. I didn’t want to make you feel bad. I know your decision to separate from dad was not an easy choice for you.  Huh…”

Aarti kept looking at her daughter without saying anything.

“I shouldn’t have said what I said. Jeyant was right. I behaved

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