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The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story…
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The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story… - 07 - A-B-A-V (Bindu Vinod) - Web Novel

The Royal Mess

A Royal Love Story…

Love, Marriage, Divorce And …

Hari smiled and said, "Good morning, princess Aarti ji."


Aarti simply returned his smile.


Hari couldn't seem to take his gaze away from her. Aarti was dressed in a beautiful emerald green saree with chikankari embroidery all over it.


It appeared to be simple but attractive. It also gave her a halo effect, enhancing her already radiant attractiveness.


"I am delighted to meet you again, Hari ji," she remarked, smiling.


Hari's head was already spinning, and he was afraid he'd become dizzy at any moment.


"Please have a seat," Aarti advised.


Hari didn't even consider denying it because he really needed the chair's strong support.


Aarti took a large notebook and turned the pages as Hari sat down.


"I had a chance to read your comments, and they were really helpful. We've already begun working on a few things. However, increasing the number of employees at this time may not be a viable alternative. We'll take it into consideration later. Perhaps we should plan ahead," Aarti suggested as she flipped over the pages of the notebook.


For the first time, Hari forgot that he was sitting in front of the Princess of Chandpur.


"I don't understand why it needs time, Princess Aarti ji?" he stated so loudly that Aarti looked up, startled.


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About the Author

Bindu Vinod

Bindu Vinod

Bindu Vinod has written more than 31 Tamil series in Chillzee and many more Novels in Chillzee KiMo.

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# RE: The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story… - 08 - A-B-A-V (Bindu Vinod) - Web NovelRenu Al 2022-01-20 20:28
interesting chapter
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# RE: The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story… - 08 - A-B-A-V (Bindu Vinod) - Web NovelAnuja A 2022-01-20 18:36
it is picking speed now. Slow starter for your series, Bindu
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