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In Search of Love
In Search of Love

In Search of Love - 03 - Sandhya - Web Novel


"No..." said Pooja coolly!


"Oh! I thought he was looking at you," said Annie, looking at Pooja with curiosity.


"Did you feel the same? Even I had the same queer feeling, but then I didn’t know anyone here."




"Forget about him. Tell me about this trip. What’s the plan for today?"


"Today the plan is to visit the nearby botanical garden."


Conversing while walking, they both reached the bungalow.  There was so much noise and chaos around.


"Girls, girls!" scolded Annie in a loud voice. The noise decreased gradually.


"So, have you all selected a room?" asked Annie in the same loud voice.


"Not yet madam. We are waiting for you both to decide yours, so that we can use the others," said Rachana, the class representative.


"Ok, show us the rooms, and we will select one," agreed Annie.


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