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In Search of Love
In Search of Love

Rachana gave them a quick tour. Annie and Pooja selected the room in the right corner of the first floor. They both discussed with the girls their plans for the day. After a lot of talk, they finally decided to take a rest for a few hours and then visit the botanical park as planned.


With their youthful banter, the girls dispersed, and Annie and Pooja carried their bags to their room.


Pooja moved the curtains and opened the window in the room. Cool air gushed inside...


Pooja closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of the fresh, clean air.


The nature is just the same as always... Why can’t we humans be the same? Why do we have bad people among us? Why do we destroy and spoil nature?


Pooja was enjoying the morning breeze while her mind was busy trying to find some answers.


She has always liked nature. Even when her mother was alive and there were so many restrictions, Pooja used to enjoy the rain and the smell that comes from the aftermath of rain...


Wow!  God seems to have a very good taste...




The sound of Annie's voice jarred Pooja's thoughts.

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