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In Search of Love
In Search of Love


"Come on, Pooja, you need to get ready... We don’t have much time left... We shouldn’t be late…"


"Oops, sorry Annie. I will get ready really quick."


Then, in the next few minutes, they both got ready hurriedly. Still, when they reached the main hall, almost all the students were already there.


Pooja could see the excitement and enthusiasm shining in each of their faces. College life… What a fantastic period it is!


Annie asked Rachna to check the head count, and once she confirmed that everyone was ready, Annie gave a short lecture on obedience and discipline.


Not just the girls, even Pooja didn’t want to hear it... Even she wanted to rush out and dance in those beautiful gardens.


Finally, when Annie was done with her instructions, they all started walking towards the bus. Though Pooja was accompanying them, her mind went back a few years.


"Please mom… I have never been part of any excursion... This is the last one in my college life... I will not ask you anything after this." Pooja literally begged her mom!


"Pooja! How many times have I told you? You can’t join them."


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