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In Search of Love
In Search of Love

Her mother had already left the room before she could open her mouth to respond.


Pooja stood there with tears in her eyes.


"Pooja, can we sit in this first seat?"


Again, Annie’s voice brought her back to the present...


"Oh sure, Annie, anything is fine for me," she said in her normal voice.


"Ok… If you want, you can take the window seat... I know you like to watch nature."


"Thank you, Annie... But did I really hear it from a Botany lecturer?"


"Oh yeah, that’s true! I was like you when I did my UG and PG... It looked very interesting when I took the lecturer job also... But now, no, thank you!"




"Ok, Pooja, let me talk to my husband... I don’t know how he is going to manage with my son for these two weeks."


"Don’t worry, Annie, he will manage... Men can do anything when their boss is not around," said Pooja, winking...


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