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In Search of Love
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When they all returned in the evening, they were very tired.


Pratap had informed them that servants would bring them dinner at 8 p.m. When Pooja came down after changing her saree, it was fifty past seven, and everyone was eagerly waiting for the dinner.


Some students were playing cards while others were chit-chatting. Annie was talking to her son on her mobile...


For security purposes, there was a separate watchman for this bungalow, and Pooja could see him coming towards the entrance. There were four other people following him. Three women and one man...


Two of them were carrying huge baskets. It should be the dinner, thought Pooja, and she turned her eyes towards the other two women, one elderly and the other almost her age...


The elderly woman smiled at her and said,


"I am Gayathri, the owner of this place... I hope everything is fine with you all."


Pooja couldn’t take her eyes off her. For some strange reason, she felt as if she had met this old lady before. Very strange indeed!


To be continued...

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