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Rose & Thorn
Rose & Thorn


"I don't give a damn! Allow them to go wherever they want. I despise the idea of a home, orphanage, or similar institution. People make mistakes and then flee the consequences because we have places like that."


"In some ways, you are correct. But please keep the children in mind. What mistake did they commit? No one can save them if you put pressure on Jaya ma’am for money."


"I told you I don't give a damn!"


"Then please give them a little more time. Also, please do not file the police report right now," pleaded Subha.


"Time??? How long will it take? Maybe one day? A week? Or rather a month or a year?"


Subha was unable to respond immediately.


Baskar remained silent for a few moments. "Do you know how much money she owes me?" he asked looking at Subha.


"No... No... Sir..." Subha mumbled.


"I guessed so! If you are into something, you should know all the facts. But I know I can’t expect it from girls like you."


"But sir, they are poor children. Please give them some time!"


"Your five minutes have expired. Let's get started with my dictation right away!"



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