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Mr. Jeevan, I am Vidya, Assistant professor (Eco) @ Prakruthi Vaibhav Education Trust, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs. Parvathi Sivan. I don’t have much idea about cooking but I am expert at upmaa… (Vidya madam expert at cooking or eating??)  I don’t like to participate in any light music competition, so didn’t learn Singing (oh, I see, how about dancing??) I can hear, I can see & I can talk…(Buddhi Sali thaa)Most important work is my priority…This is all about me....I am not a shopping freak….so our economics would match…(apo chemistry?)

If you and OUR parents are inter……………

I would like to marry you Ms. VIDYA. (Dai Mappila unakku neeye vachikkitte ….You could have convinced that Rowdy (satya) instead of accepting this Radio (Vidya)…Fat sorry fate can’t be burnt Bro you enjoy)    

(Wow radio is wobbling friends. Looks like Vidya didn’t expect this from Mr. Jeevan)

Hey Jo, where are you???  

Oye Vidya, I am busy washing clothes, I will call you later….

You moron, monkey, donkey, pinky!!(Ponkey) I will wash you out if you don’t tell me how to file an extension for this wedding….I think I spoke too much…oh god……

What did Mr. Jeevan say???

Hmmm….He is just blushing!! What does it mean??

Ok relax, are you in Saree???

No, Orange short Kurta with navy blue Palazzo pants…..(Colour sharing is too important guys)

Great, tell them you can’t sit comfortably to perform the rituals with this outfit. And also tell Mr. Jeevan if you remove the Kajal how gorgeous you will look.

Stupid, you silly rat….I should hit myself with Beetroot (Beetroot??hahah)

Cool Vids, accept it yaar…. Granny says “Marriages are planned in Heaven & Executed on Earth” maybe it is true. You guys might be made for each other…

Get lost you fool!! (Sad Smiley)

Pandit Ji start music…

 “Mangalyam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam” Saying “O Lady of my life I tie this scared thread around your neck for our happy & long living and I promise to stand with you during all the ups and downs of our life.

Getti Melam Getti Melam……….

After all the rituals….10 PM @ Jeevan’s Room

My Lord….I am filing a case against Advocate Jeevan for flipping the case file at first night too….Hahaha (palmface smiley)

Ahem Ahem……hey Vidya, come here….10 mints I will finish this.

I am waiting…. C’mon quick!!! (Commanding Smiley)


Haven’t you seen any movies??? You need to take blessings from elders.

Didn’t we take the blessings in wholesale??? My back is already broken…Not any more ya. Oh…I see….you want to take blessing for me??? Don’t have to be so formal Vidi…Cool!!

Shut up!! What is this Vidi…Sidi…Don’t try to be smart… I am 2 months elder to you…Don’t you know that??? I am waiting to bless you (Hahahaa…These guys were busy in conduct certificate and missed to check birth certificate..hahah)

Oh really??? Am…am I younger to my wife?? Oh no…..(apavi smiley)


Sorry sister….

What??? Sister??? Bloody I will slit your bones with duster….(Kolaiveri smiley)

Hahaha….Jokes apart Vidya.

Come sit here….

I am fine here… Your sorry… our room looks really really big!! (Sarcastic Smiley)

Oh, Is it??

Yes very big compared to pooja room. Hahahah

C’Mon, Vids….You didn’t like it??

Liked it…Really cute…especially the wall hangings…beautiful….Hey wait I have a gift for you Jeeva….I mean the gift which we got to give to Satya and you…

Take this..Jeevan.



Nice…Can you pu……

Why?? Can’t you wear it yourself??

Hey wait…If you got a ring for me then for sure you would have got one for Satya….


Where is that???


  • Good story Adharv jo........ :clap: <br />Jeevan and Vidya love ok :-) <br />y satya first acepted for the marriage? then stop in between marriage? :Q:
  • Chance illa ma,ippadi yellam write panna unnaladhan mudiyum.paavam Mr.Jeevan,thaali katradhuku munnadhi konjamae konjam thoonkitu iruntha avar braina wake up panni irukalam!enna seiya? Vidhi valiyathu! Adhima mulamaa Vidhya roobhathula vanthu cricket play pannuthu! Ippadi oru wife kidaika avar enna pannaro?godku thaan theriyum...funny as well as groomukum marriage ninu ponal varum depression azagha sollita.bracketla & bold marksla vandha words simply super.<br />Ending lines nalla irunthathu...<br />Let's see ,futurla ennavellam Mrs.Jeevanala Msr.Vidyaku nadaka poothunu avaallaa waiting...super dear.Write more...
  • Thank you, Ma'am. I note your suggestion :thnkx: I will try to avoid it in the next act. Kandipa-van sollamudiyadhu but try panuren :) Still in the learning sphere.
  • Cute story adharv... (y) <br />Gud narration... :roll:<br />Vidhya kku knjam intro kodutharukalam...antha edam mattum lyt a puriyala...<br />Waitin fr ur nxt act...
  • :D thanks for your lovely comment...Kacha kacha-na ma'am :Q: kalyanam nalunale kacha kacha thaa appadi illana entertainment illaye :grin: <br /><br />Yes ma'am amazon deliver paninaga ena konjam selvau achi...Oru thara impress pana idhu kudava panakuadhu adhu :P Naa ellam lorry lorry ya gift varavaippen Ma'am ;-) <br /><br />what is that guys mattum thaa pananuma....Girls rock ma'am :dance: :eek: :eek: Jeevan pattriya confidential matter ippadi leak panitingale facepalm :thnkx:
  • wow Adharv ... herova heroine kapathuvangala . :D <br />.diff concept ... Smiley's nalla irukku .. <br />Vid & jeevan pechu semma :lol: <br />Super story ..pinreenga (y)
  • Very entertaining story Adharv (y)<br /><br />It was a different concept... Poduva marriage anniku etum prachnayaala mrg ninnu pona aangal taan ponnai marriage senjuka mun varuvanga ...itu apdiye uldaa :P<br /><br />But Vidya intro kodutrukalaam...kacha kachaanu ore dialougues ...so first page purinjuka konjam time edutuchu :)<br /><br />Different smileys recommendations smile seyya vachatu...<br /> :cool: <br />Hero kadaisila ivlo romantic aaidaare Amazon la ivlo fast aa delivery kodukirangalaa :Q: anta scene romba pidichatu nice one.<br /><br /><br />Atu sari AIA Jeevan Ku marriage nu sonneenga ...inta hero en kidda ' naan avan illai' nu sollidaare...enna seyalaam ;-)
  • Wowwww super cute story Adharv :clap: <br />Epdi ipdi yosichinga :D Haha tat too vidya avanga kita blessings vaanga sonadhu..hahaha still am laughing :lol: <br />Aniyaayam pa :D <br />But both are lucky :-) <br />Very well written Adharv :-) <br />Guest performance too thandhutinga.. :lol: super ji (y) <br />Looking forward for ur next act ;-)
  • Wow tat was so cooool n lovely.... totally loved the comments within () Ur writing style s awesome Adharv :clap: totally enjoyed.... i was :D :grin: thorughout.. Keep writing more (y)
  • Cute story Adharv.<br /><br />To start with I was slightly distracted by the within '( )' content but got used to it as the story went on :-)<br />Guess that's your signature style (y)<br /><br />Marriages are made in heaven! Jeevan and Vidya's marriage proves it again.<br /><br />But poor Satya :-)

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