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Mischievous Chillu

Chillu is a small girl who lives with her parents in a far away city. She is a very nice girl but she is very naughty. She likes to explore new things and find out reasons for everything.

Episode 03 - Chillu pretends to be sick!


Chillu likes to stay at home.

So once in a while, she pretends to be sick so that her mom will not send her to school.

Chillu's mom found out her trick. So she decided to correct Chillu.

Chillu's mom asked Chillu's father to talk to the doctor and get Chillu a bitter medicine.

Chillu's father did what his wife told him.

The doctor asked why he had to give a bitter medicine.

Chillu's father explained to the doctor and hence the doctor gave a vitamin tablet coated with bitter taste.

Chillu's father brought the medicine home. Chillu's mom gave it to Chillu.

Chillu drank the medicine and said "Yaaa yuck!!!!!"

"Mom!" screamed Chillu!

Mom said, "Yes Chillu"

"This medicine is yucky!"

"Oh yeah that's the medicine you will get if you are sick.

And you have to take it for four days if you stay at home."

Chillu said, "oh no! I am fine mom! I am not sick anymore! I will go to school"

Mom looked at Chillu and smiled.

Chillu understood that her mom knows her trick, so she said in a soft voice,

"Sorry mom! I will not pretend to be sick again!"

Mom said, "I know you are a good girl Chillu. You can have fun at school"


What did Chillu learn today?

Don't ever pretend to be sick! School is fun and you can have good time learning new things.

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