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Chillzee KiMo - கதை பிரியர்களுக்கான Chillzeeயின் புதிய சேவை!

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General - NO REASON TO BE UNHAPPY - RaVai - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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beHappyUnless it is hungry or ailing, a child is always smiling!

Even while staring at the roof with nobody around, it smiles!

This smile increases, both in content and flavour, when it sees human beings around, especially mother!

While smiling, its hands and legs are actively waving and kicking in the air!

Body and mind are in sync, expressing happiness!

A child's nature, inherence, character and quality is ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS!

Child is the original creation of a human being by God or Nature, whatever it is! All of us are unadulterated, unsullied, uncorrupted, pure images of happiness at the time of birth.

Such a bundle of joy, as time melts into oblivion, is distorted, distempered, polluted, and abused gradually and consistently by human vagaries, parental injections of their own fads, societal compulsions of insane conflicts and educational systemic aberrations!

On analysis, and thorough probe, it is found that the original blissful self is lost and transformed into a new creature of anxiety, tension, fear, anger, prejudices, ambitions, disgruntlement, divisions, and what not!

Umpteen reasons may be adduced for such a catastrophic collapse of the original self but how do they help?

Are we created to hate, fight, argue, exchange abusive epithets, exploit the weak, amass wealth through unscrupulous and vile means, and the like?

Or are we here on earth to enjoy the beauty of Nature, receive and give love, remain happy and make others too happy, utilise all the time for metamorphosizing from humanity todivinity?

I firmly believe we have no reason to be unhappy.

By and large, what are the reasons for or factors contributing to our unhappiness?

Inability to attain what we desire, loss due to death of a dear and near one,  theft, plunder, natural calamity, disappointment, insult, and the like.

Perception creates all these phobia. For example, loss of property! When your neighbour suffers similar loss, you are not upset but only when it is YOUR property! Therefore, the mischief of the conception that it is yours, you own it, your attachment to it, is the root cause of your unhappiness!

How do you say you "own" it? Did you own it at birth? Can you carry it with you when you die and leave this world? No!

It is something given to you by an external Force, for a particular period, on trusteeship, to be passed on to another with or without your consent. That Force decides the time of its reaching you and likewise leaving you! You have absolutely no control over its possession, usage nor loss! This uniformly applies from a small pen to a large estate!

Your misconception of loss is due to an error in perception.

Each and every factor causing your unhappiness is the consequence of this error in perception!

What is the way-out?

Remain CHILDLIKE always!

Breathe LOVE! Be YOU! 

Believe when you are carefree, childlike and witnessing the events untouched and unaffected, you just float weightless higher and higher in the sky with the bright prospects of reaching the Ultimate or merging with Nature!

Nature comprising of the five elements of air, space, land, fire and water, ceaselessly creates, recreates and showers joy all over limitlessly!

Life span is short, too short to realise and enjoy the full reach of the Beauty of Beauties, called Nature!

Instead of allowing yourself to be swept off by wrong perceptions and misconceptions, have firm faith that you are part and parcel of the blissful Nature and you have no reason to beunhappy!

This appeal is only indicative and by no means, exhaustive!! 

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# RE: General - NO REASON TO BE UNHAPPY - RaVaiAdharvJo 2018-11-29 14:04
How nice it would be to Remain child like always Is it possible?? Looks like Our manufacturer as different game plan :-) Nice article sir :clap: :clap: :thnkx:
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# RE: General - NO REASON TO BE UNHAPPY - RaVaiRaVai 2018-11-30 18:30
thanks a lot Adharva jo.
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அதாவது, அரசியல் ரீதியாக, பிரிட்டீஷாரிடமிருந்து விடுதலை பெற்று, மக்களாட்சிமுறையில் வாழ்கிறோம்.


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