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General - What is love ? - Shanmuga Priya - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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What is love ?

In today’s generation, it is very frequent that every body have fallen in love. Many of the people say it is a quite natural phenomenon.Yeah, it is natural that unlike poles attract each other.In today’s modern world, both men and women (i should say boys and girls over here :P) have a high chance of working together. The point of viewing girl- boy relationship also changed now a days. In the old generation, people used to afraid of seeing a girl with a boy. But people’s mentality change in such a way that a healthy friendship may exists between a girl and a boy.

Even though, the older people mentality has come forward to accept the existence of friendship between a girl and boy, the younger generations(some) still confuse their mind.If they are unable to express a relation between the person belonging to opposite gender, they blindly call it is as love. Why? They don’t have proper companion to discuss their confusions. Some persons are not open hearten to hear their children’s problem and their confusions.Some children are also not open to their parents saying that “these and all i cannot tell to mom/dad.They won’t understand me”.Why this much gap? But you are ready to share your confusions with the person whom you consider as some one close to your mind and heart. If you are choosing a right person, then no need of worrying. But at the end of the day, what you will think? “hmm.. this person is hearing all the things i am telling.I feel relaxed.He/she is my problem solver.My companion etc etc..”.But, people clearly ask yourself “will all the problem solvers will become your life partner?”.” will all the funny persons make a good companion till your end of life”.Well i could hear some murmuring saying that my companion, my lover is funny, caring,responsible etc etc. If you find your person good.But, nowadays how fast they are choosing their partner, in the same speed they are ending their relationship.

“Being a life partner is not a temporary thing. It is a relationship which will accompany till the end of your life.”

Many would say since you are not in a relationship you are saying it is bad. May be. But in my experience, i had seen many ppl saying that “I got bored with this relation.I have done a mistake in choosing the person. I cannot make my own decision.Has to depend on the other person for everything”. Even if they are in good stage, they are telling don’t decide anything now. Have a time for your own thinking. 

“Make sure the world sees you in a good altitude.Build your attitude.Trust your better half and make them also trust you by your true love.”

At the end of the day, what i like to convey is “Marriage is a part of life and it is not the whole life.So, make that part as the precious one in your life by making good decisions”

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