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1. மனதிலே ஒரு பாட்டு - 17
dear keerthana and meena andrews.. wish u a happy birthday 2014 with great beginning ,peace , achievement , harmony , good fortune , life long happiness and fun :-)
Created on 16 May 2014
2. உன் ஆசை முகம் தேடி... - 10
He he he!!! Thens'i kooda confyuse seithuten ;-) miga periya achievement :
Created on 23 February 2015
3. Trending around the world! - Madonna falls at Brit Awards!
56 years????? wow! she performing with so much energy in this age itself is an achievement :-) Hope she doesnt feel any pain later.
Created on 27 February 2015
4. சிறுகதை - 19 முத்தங்கள் - பார்கவி
Thank you sir! Neenga fantastic nu solradhu enaku achievement madiri iruku. #1. Kavidhaya idha podalam nu irundhen...ஆச்சரியத்தில் சிலையாகிப் போன எனக்கு அவள் காதல் சாரலா தூரலா அடைமழையா தெரியவில்லை ஆராய்ச்சி ...
Created on 20 July 2015
5. சிறுகதை - காற்றுக்கென்ன வேலி... - வினோதா
ha ha Thens ;-) Actually final touch'i vitutu parthal 2 pages thaan ;-) evvalavu periya achievement Thens... Maalai enge ponnadai enge???? :
Created on 22 September 2015
6. கவிதைத் தொடர் - இளம்பூவை நெஞ்சில்... - 50 - வருவாயா என்னவனே...!!!! - மீரா ராம்
As always super sweet Meera :clap: 50 kavithaigal :hatsoff: Awesome achievement ji (y) Eagerly waiting for you to resume MKK and PEPPV too :-)
Created on 28 November 2017
7. தொடர்கதை - நிழலாய் உன்னை தொடரும்... - 13 - வளர்மதி
Sema package Valar!Thrill, Horror Emotions nnu ellam kalanthu manasukku niraivaa mudichitta! Great achievement! Very determined Writer!
Created on 07 February 2018
8. தொடர்கதை - மலர்கள் நனைந்தன பனியாலே... - 50 - ஆதி
Very sweet & romantic end Bindu :clap: Ungaloda entha kathai padichalum, mudivula oru amathai, santhosham & oru idham varum athai ingayum feel seithen :-) Moonu peru family naalu pera maariyum neenga kathaiya ...
Created on 18 January 2018
9. தொடர்கதை - என் வாழ்வே உன்னோடுதான் - 09 - சசிரேகா
Wish you happy New Year, Sasi! Wish your achievements multiply in the year ahead while we remain as beneficiaries! You are a treasure found out by Chillzee Team. Congrats for being the maximum short story ...
Created on 31 December 2018
10. Chillzee 2018 கட்டுரை நட்சத்திரங்கள்
An excellent job by Chillzee! Congrats! The more I find, the more remain to be found, it looks! Website is a mine of treasures! Amazing! Your achievement is unique! Hats off! High time a felicitation is ...
Created on 31 December 2018
11. தொடர்கதை - தவமின்றி கிடைத்த வரமே – 01 - பத்மினி செல்வராஜ்
Thanks a lot, Padmini! Amazed at your comradery and respect for elders! You will sooner than later reach heights of fame and achievement. My blessings are always there in abundance!
Created on 30 June 2019
12. General - Life Time <span class="highlight">Achievement</span>… - Shanmuga Priya
Life Time Achievement… What is Life Time Achievement…… All our Life goes around working to making arrangements for a good life or better life… But was it ends in Achieving our goals??????…na:( Every ...
Created on 31 May 2015
13. தெரியுமா உங்களுக்கு??? - இந்திய ‘குடி’மகன்களின் சாதனை
(தெரியுமா உங்களுக்கு???)
... விநியோகத்தில் இந்தியாவில் மட்டும் 50% உட்கொள்ளப்படுகிறதாம்!!    😑 Achievement of Indian ‘drinking’ citizens   Indians drink more whiskey than any other country in the world!    India alone ...
Created on 28 November 2020
14. Chillzee.in - Privacy & Cookies Policy
... threads, favorite posts, achievements in the forum, and posts. These data are stored in the servers of our web hosting provider, and backups. Non-Personal Information: We gather statistical ...
Created on 25 May 2018
15. Short Story - Miss You - Adharv
(English Short stories)
... live with you for few years at…………….      Jeevan, take care of yourself. Dream High, Aim high but make sure you don’t kill yourself. Money, achievements are important but there is a limit, we are not ...
Created on 11 December 2016
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