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1. IPL - 2011 Top Ten Batsmen (runs)
thanks. thanks alot chillzee.in for the information. nice graphics
Created on 06 May 2011
2. Contest Rules - Updated
Hi Vijayan, Thanks for your interest in our contests. Let me explain you the reason for the point. 1. chillzee.in is relatively young site in WWW & we are not going to boast that we receive lots of entries ...
Created on 09 January 2011
3. Ramani Chandran - Kadhalenum Solaiyile (Updated)
Hi, Ongi varum uvagai utru and Ondru serntha anbu maruma are one and the same... You can view it at http://www.chillzee.in/books-menu/online-tamil-books/597-ramani-chandran-ondru-serntha-anbu-maaruma
Created on 21 February 2014
4. மனம் விரும்புதே உன்னை... - 03
Hi Guys, I am sorry, I am again off schedule :-| Will surely try to post the next episode in a week. Meanwhile post your comments here and discuus it here @ http://www.chillzee.in/forum/5-books/29-manam-virumbuthey-unnai-discussion#29 ...
Created on 02 March 2012
5. Come join the fun - Write @ Chillzee
Hi, you can share your articles @ "admin@chillzee.in" Not sure if you had received any delivery failure notice...if so, try sending it again to the mail I'd mentioned above...and team will get back to you. ...
Created on 24 March 2020
6. Come join the fun - Write @ Chillzee
Hi Sudha, Please share you interest with chillzee vai email to admin@chillzee.in Team would assist you further :-) Best wishes :GL:
Created on 23 January 2018
7. Come join the fun - Write @ Chillzee
Hi divyasrija.. You first send ur opinion about writing story to admin@chillzee.in via mail.. Then Chillzee reply all the terms and conditions to u.. Best of luck of ur first series
Created on 29 December 2017
8. Come join the fun - Write @ Chillzee
Hi Devisree, you are on the right forum. I hope you went through the above article. If you're planning to share short story...you can mail your typed article @ "admin@chillzee.in" . For serial story please ...
Created on 31 October 2017
9. மனம் விரும்புதே உன்னை... - 06
Ok guys, the new episode is published now @ http://www.chillzee.in/books-menu/tamil-thodar-kathai/1029-manam-virumbuthey-unnai-7 :-) Enjoy!
Created on 06 April 2012
10. Announcement - Publish your Kavidhai / poems in <span class="highlight">Chillzee.in</span>
Send your kavidhai to admin@chillzee.in and it will be published for you....
Created on 26 October 2013
11. Announcement - Publish your Kavidhai / poems in <span class="highlight">Chillzee.in</span>
hi.. how can I write kavitai in this site? plzz help me. I can't find out how?
Created on 26 October 2013
12. Announcement - Publish your Kavidhai / poems in <span class="highlight">Chillzee.in</span>
Created on 22 May 2013
13. Announcement - Publish your Kavidhai / poems in <span class="highlight">Chillzee.in</span>
Hi Thara , Hathija, Thanks for sharing your kavidhai. If you would like to publish your poems in our site, please send your kavidhai to the above mentioned e-mail ids. You will also have your own page ...
Created on 13 January 2013
14. மனம் விரும்புதே உன்னை... - 07
NPK = Ninaipu than polaipai kedukuthu :) You will see it defined here @ VV - http://www.chillzee.in/stories/tamil-thodarkathai-all-list/2585-vilakketri-vaikkiren-16-online-tamil-thodarkathai?start=13
Created on 03 December 2014
15. கம்பன் ஏமாந்தான் - 01
Hi Divya, I need to edit your message so that everyone knows the current channel for similar communication... I have already informed the same to you... Also this will help others to know your contact ...
Created on 05 August 2013
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