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61. Jokes - Looking for change? - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Looking for change? - Jansi   Today I got a call from HR consultant. She asked me, are you looking for change? I told, yes I have Rs. 2000 and want change I don't know why she disconnected ...
Created on 07 December 2016
62. Jokes - Smile please! - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Smile please! - Jansi   Sardarji shouted in the BANK. Has anyone lost a bundle of new currency notes tied with a red rubber band? Many hands were raised. Sardarji- Here is that rubber ...
Created on 30 November 2016
63. Jokes - How to prevent diabetes? - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
How to prevent diabetes? - Jansi This is very very serious....... read carefully... Prevent yourself and your spouse from diabetes. A couple married for 20yrs was recently diagnosed with diabetes. ...
Created on 24 November 2016
64. Jokes - Bank officer in a restaurant - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Bank officer in a restaurant - Jansi Bank Officer goes to a south Indian restaurant. He asks the waiter - What have you got? Waiter - Idly , vada, uppma, pongal, dosa , poori, parotta, naan, oothappam, ...
Created on 22 November 2016
65. Jokes - Good News! - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Children children everywhere :-) - Jansi   Good News! You can deposits your 500/1000 notes in following banks even after 31st December without fine n limit. 1) Banks of Kaveri 2) Banks ...
Created on 21 November 2016
66. Jokes - Kidnapper - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Kidnapper - Jansi Kidnapper: we have kidnapped your son Father: I’m very poor... I cannot give you anything Kidnapper: shut up, we are giving you 2 crores... You need to bring change for it... ...
Created on 18 November 2016
67. Jokes - Children children everywhere :-) - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Children children everywhere :-) - Jansi   Mrs. Rosy D'Souza was going to the market in Goa where she happened to meet Fr Patrick. Fr: "Hey you are Rosy right, I got you married in Solapur, ...
Created on 15 November 2016
68. Jokes - Tit for Tat - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Tit for Tat - Jansi I met one of my Maths teacher yesterday. We greeted and she asked me directions to the State Bank of India. I told her make a 299 degrees turn and walk for 290 meters, then subtend ...
Created on 10 November 2016
69. Jokes - A letter to Bill Gates - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
A letter to Bill Gates - Jansi Bill Gates has resigned as the 'Chairman of Microsoft' after receiving a letter from Kuppuswamy. It reads: Saar, I have some questions for you.... Please yanswer ...
Created on 08 November 2016
70. Jokes - One liners to make you smile - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
One liners to make you smile - Jansi Some One Liners to make you Smile. Q: What do you call two fat people having a chat?  A: A heavy discussion.   Q: Why did the tomato turn red? A: It ...
Created on 27 October 2016
71. Fun - Onam Joke - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Onam Joke - Jansi   I called my Arab friend home for a traditional 'Onam Sadya'. The Arab friend asked me:  "Is the Onam lunch Veg or non veg?" I told him: "It's Vegetarian, are you coming? " He ...
Created on 20 September 2016
72. Fun - Jokes - 148 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi    ஞானன் ஒரு நவீனமான வண்ணத் தொலைக்காட்சிப் பெட்டி வாங்கினார்.  அதை வீட்டில் பொருத்தி, செய்முறை விளக்கம் கொடுக்க ஒரு ஊழியரும் வந்திருந்தார்.  தங்கள் நிறுவன தொலைக்காட்சி பெட்டியின் ...
Created on 27 August 2016
73. Fun - Husband and Wife Jokes - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Husband and Wife Jokes - Jansi கணவன் – “என்ன இது மிக்ஸி, கிரைண்டர், புடவைன்னு ஏகப்பட்ட சாமான்களோட வேன்ல வந்து இறங்கிறே....! மனைவி – “நீங்க தானே சொன்னீங்க.... பேங்கில இருக்கிற நம்ம ஜாயிண்ட் அக்கவுண்டை ...
Created on 22 August 2016
74. Fun - Husband and Wife Jokes - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Husband and Wife Jokes - Jansi ஒரு பெண்மணி நடு இரவில் தூக்கத்தில் எழுந்து தன் கணவர் அருகில் இல்லாததை உணர்ந்து அவரைத் தேடினார்!.வீடு முழுவதும் தேடி, கடைசியில் அவர் சமையலையறையில் அமர்ந்திருந்ததைக் கண்டார், ...
Created on 19 August 2016
75. Fun - Husband & Wife Jokes - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Husband & Wife Jokes - Jansi மனைவி:- எங்கிட்ட உங்களுக்கு புடிச்சது என்ன? 2  அழகான் முகமா!!!  அன்பான மனமா!!!  பணிவான குணமா!!  கணவன் :-உன்னோட இந்த காமெடிதான்   சுரேஸ் :  என்ன சார் தலைகொழுக்கட்டை ...
Created on 10 August 2016

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