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76. Fun - Good Barber - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi    There was a good old barber in Bangalore. One day a florist goes to him for a haircut. After the cut, he goes to pay the barber and the barber replies: I am sorry, I cannot accept ...
Created on 22 July 2016
77. Fun - Jokes - 119 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi Today I was talking to my doctor & after knowing my occupation he advised - You must exercise more. Don't buy drinks from stalls. Stay away from red wine especially. Drink more ...
Created on 19 July 2016
78. Fun - Jokes - 113 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi இப்பதானே தேள் கொட்டிடுச்சினு மருந்து வாங்கிட்டுப் போனீங்க?மறுபடி வந்து இருக்கீங்களே, எதற்கு? இப்ப மருந்து கொட்டிடுச்சி.   என் மனைவிக்கு தெரியாம நான் அவ பீரோவை திறந்ததை அவ பார்த்திட்டா...!! ...
Created on 27 June 2016
79. Fun - Jokes - 109 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi Grandfather: when I was your age, I used to take two rupees to the market and bring home soap, rice, milk, bread, ghee and face powder, etc. Grandson: nowadays it is difficult.....there ...
Created on 20 June 2016
80. Tanglish kavithai - Meera Ram..<span class="highlight">Jansi</span>..Manasaatchi Mano.. - Thangamani Swaminathan
(தங்கமணி சுவாமினாதன் கவிதைகள்)
Meera Ram..Jansi..Manasaatchi Mano.. - Thangamani Swaminathan Kavidhaiyondru ezhudha enni.. ganinimun naanamarndhen.. gmail nuzhaindhu aange.. composaik clik seidhen.. type seiya enni naanum ...
Created on 12 May 2016
81. Fun - Jokes - 99 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi There was a king he had 10 wild dogs... He used them to torture and eat all ministers who made mistakes. So one of the minister’s once gave an opinion which was wrong, and which the ...
Created on 06 May 2016
82. Fun - Jokes - 98 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi    டாக்டர்: (ஆபரேஷன் தியேட்டர் வெளியே வந்து , முகத்தை துடைத்துக் கொண்டு, தொண்டையை செருமிக் கொண்டு) ஐயம் வெரி ஸாரி, இவரை நீங்க ஒரு மணி நேரம் முன்னாடி கொண்டு வந்திருந்தால் காப்பாற்றியிருக்கலாம்... ...
Created on 29 April 2016
83. Fun - Jokes - 97 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi At Niagara falls..! Guide: I welcome you all to Niagara Falls... These are the world's largest waterfalls & the sound intensity of the waterfall is so high, even 20 supersonic planes ...
Created on 28 April 2016
84. Fun - Jokes - 96 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi    Bob walked into a bar around 9:58 pm. He sat down next to a Sardarji at the bar and stared up at the TV. The 10 pm news was coming on. The news crew was covering the story of ...
Created on 27 April 2016
85. Announcements - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>'s new series starting soo
Jansi's new series starting soon! Dear friends, Jansi is a very familiar name in our site and she is all set to venture as a serial story writer pretty soon. Her debut series named "Amizhthinum ...
Created on 19 April 2016
86. Fun - Jokes - 75 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi    3 drunk guys entered a taxi. The taxi driver knew that they were drunk. So, he started the engine & turned it off again. Then said, "We have reached your destination". The ...
Created on 19 February 2016
87. Fun - Valentines day special Jokes - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi A man got a call from unknown number.. Girl: Hi, wish u very happy Valentine's day...are you single? Man: Yes...Yes who are you? Answer: Your wife! ....single-ம் single....ம்ம்ம்ம். ...
Created on 14 February 2016
88. Fun - Jokes - 73 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi  Outside a Bar, Baba was preaching: Drinking is bad. Man: Have you tried it? Baba: No, Never.   Man: Ok, you try once, if you don't like it, I'll give up Drinking. Baba: Ok, ...
Created on 08 February 2016
89. Fun - Jokes - 72 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi An engineer was asked:  "What is the Technical Difference between welding and wedding ...." He replied: "Not much; both are joints, in a way.......But in welding there are sparks first ...
Created on 03 February 2016
90. Fun - Sardar Jokes - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi  Sugar Test Sardar enters the Kitchen, opens the Sugar Box, looks inside and closes it. This he does again and again. Why???? Because the Doctor told him to check Sugar Level regularly. ...
Created on 30 January 2016

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