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91. Fun - Jokes - 70 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi A young man excitedly tells his mother he's fallen in love and is going to get married. He says, "Just for fun, Ma, I'm going to bring over three women and you try and guess which one ...
Created on 27 January 2016
92. Fun - Oru tumbler'la evvalavu vishayam irukku :-) - Jans
Jokes - Jansi Sundar: வாழ்க்கையிலே ஒருவருக்கு சகிப்புத் தன்மையும் சாமர்த்தியமும் வேண்டும். Kannan: சகிப்புத் தன்மைக்கும் சாமர்த்தியத்துக்கும் என்ன சம்பந்தம்? Sundar: நான் புரிய வைக்கிறேன்.ஒரு தம்ளரிலே ...
Created on 12 January 2016
93. Fun - Student Exam Jokes - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi பாஸ் மூவி டயலாக்: படிக்கனும்….படிக்கனும்….5 யூனிட்டும் படிக்கனும்…ஒரு டாபிக் விடாம படிக்கனும்….ஒரே நாளில் படிக்கனும் சந்தானம்: அதுக்கு நீ “INDEX” தான் படிக்கனும்.   EXAM CENTRE: ...
Created on 10 January 2016
94. Fun - Jokes - 62 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi While getting married, most of the guys say to girl's parent’s that,  "நான் உங்க மகளை கண்கலங்காம பார்த்துக்குவேன்." Have you ever heard a girl saying something like this to the boy' ...
Created on 26 December 2015
95. Fun - Husband & Wife Jokes - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi One monkey crossed the road. Wife: என்னங்க... உங்க சொந்தக்காரங்க யாரோ போற மாதிரி இருக்கு... Husband: என்னம்மா... என்னோட மாமனாரை எனக்குத் தெரியாதா? Wife: ஙே...   Wife looked ...
Created on 24 December 2015
96. Fun - Sardar Jokes - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi  Boss: Where were you born? Sardar: India... Boss: which part? Sardar: What ‘which part’? Whole body was born in India.   2 sardar were fixing a bomb in a car. Sardar 1: ...
Created on 22 December 2015
97. Fun - Jokes - 58 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi Wife (after a fight)... Tell me those 3 magical words... Husband: I love you  Wife: No not this Husband: I like you  Wife: Again No not these 3 words Husband: I miss you  ...
Created on 21 December 2015
98. Fun - Jokes - 57 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi  BOSS hangs a Poster in his Office “I’M THE BOSS, DON'T FORGET AND REMAIN IN YOUR LIMITS” He returns from lunch and finds a slip on his desk: "Sir, Your Wife called, she was shouting ...
Created on 19 December 2015
99. Fun - Jokes - 56 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi In 1980, IDBI Bank rejected LOAN for Ambani. Now in 2015, Mukesh Ambani is planning 2 buy IDBI Bank. Morale: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! In 2015, SBI Bank rejected Loan for me. But, in ...
Created on 18 December 2015
100. Fun - Jokes - 50 - <span class="highlight">Jansi</span>
Jokes - Jansi One Million Books were sold in just Two days Due to a Typing Mistake in just One Letter.... Which was: "How to Change Your WIFE" The Real Word was "LIFE"....   A girl at bus ...
Created on 11 December 2015

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