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31. Ramani Chandran - Kannaal Paartha Velai (Updated)
I love this story very much... :thnkx: :GL: :clap:
Created on 23 January 2015
32. Ramani Chandran - Kannaal Paartha Velai (Updated)
... at home for the wedding anniversary and she happens to meet with the newspaper editor in chief Dhaya. He falls in love with her but she does not know it. She does not think of anything else apart from ...
Created on 02 March 2013
33. Ramani Chandran - Iraivan Kodutha Varam
where is part 2
Created on 01 August 2013
34. Ramani Chandran - Iraivan Kodutha Varam
can you please upload the other parts as well
Created on 01 February 2013
35. Come join the fun - Write @ Chillzee
Hi Jeyanthi, Chillzee is run my bunch of women who use their spare/part time to run the site. They try their best to reply as soon as possible. Neenga e-mail anuppi one week mela agiyum reply varalai endral, ...
Created on 08 March 2018
36. Come join the fun - Write @ Chillzee
varumaichirripin azhagai un vizhiyill parthen uzhaipaal varum viyarvaiyin perumaiyai unnidam paarthen suyanalam niraindha ulagil kudumba nalam karuthi uzhaikiraye sutterrikkum sooriyanukku un azhagai samarpikkiraye ...
Created on 27 July 2014
37. Come join the fun - Write @ Chillzee
please send a full part of story that story had hold nice story so only asking like lot of story are adhoc story please send a story full part
Created on 23 July 2014
38. புயலுக்கு பின் - 16
Sorry guys... I have been not able to complete the next part on time :sad: Working on it, will post it very soon...
Created on 30 April 2012
39. மனம் விரும்புதே உன்னை... - 08
Hi Manjula, They both went to buy gift for Geetha and that's why they are hiding it from her :-) I thought it's obvious, that's why didn't mention it explicitly... Sorry :sad: ...
Created on 17 April 2012
40. மனம் விரும்புதே உன்னை... - 08
Hey Aadhi, One ques. Why is that Veena and Indhu hiding their textile shop visit to Geetha? I can't understand that part
Created on 16 April 2012
41. You & Me - 01
hi........... am waiting for the next part
Created on 28 November 2013
42. You & Me - 01
Hello Sandhya, waiting for the next part.. Please post it soon.
Created on 19 May 2012
43. மனம் விரும்புதே உன்னை... - 10
Hey Aadhi, What happened ma'am.. It's already May 18th and no signs of MVU 11. Eagerly waiting for the next part :) Last week we had updates for all 4 series and this week no updates???
Created on 19 May 2012
44. மனம் விரும்புதே உன்னை... - 10
:-) So Nandhini is going to become part of the story atlast.... Hope Indu - Kanmani relationship becomes strong too... Otherwise how will they over power Kanchana?
Created on 10 May 2012
45. Announcement - New Tamil thodarkathai starting this week
Hi Shanthi, Thanks for accepting to publish my story. I have forwarded first part to your email id. Please post it in the site. Thanks.
Created on 21 May 2012

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