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1. REVIEWS - <span class="highlight">Remember</span> Me? - Sophie Kinsella
(Reviews and Spoilers)
...  REVIEWS - Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella     Genre - Women's Fiction / Chick Lit        Summary:    Lexi Smart is an ordinary 24-year-old girl who has a simple job in her company.    ...
Created on 21 July 2021
2. Donna Alward - <span class="highlight">Remember</span> Me, Cowboy
(Online English Books)
Donna Alward - Remember Me, Cowboy For one shining moment at her friends' wedding, Carrie Walsh was that girl. The one who was radiantly beautiful, confident in the spotlight and at home in the arms ...
Created on 15 February 2014
3. The Vicar of Wakefield - 21 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... remember how thy brave grandfather fought for his sacred king, when loyalty among Britons was a virtue. Go, my boy, and immitate him in all but his misfortunes, if it was a misfortune to die with Lord ...
Created on 16 September 2021
4. The Vicar of Wakefield - 20 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... Yet there was sometimes an occasion for a more supported assurance. I remember to have seen him, after giving his opinion that the colouring of a picture was not mellow enough, very deliberately take ...
Created on 15 September 2021
5. The Vicar of Wakefield - 19 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... have already done much, it is to be hoped that the true sons of freedom will prevent their ever doing more. I have known many of those pretended champions for liberty in my time, yet do I not remember ...
Created on 14 September 2021
6. The Vicar of Wakefield - 18 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... deluder thither. I walked along with earnestness, and enquired of several by the way; but received no accounts, till entering the town, I was met by a person on horseback, whom I remembered to have ...
Created on 16 August 2021
7. The Vicar of Wakefield - 17 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... forgive me, what am I about to say! You may remember, my love, how good she was, and how charming; till this vile moment all her care was to make us happy. Had she but died! But she is gone, the honour ...
Created on 12 August 2021
8. Chillzee English - Web Novel - Rose and Thorn - 21 - Sandhya
(English Story Series)
“Subha!” said a surprised Murthy as Subha stood in his home’s entrance with a smile.    “Sir, I am here to invite you for my best friend Suja’s marriage. I hope you remember her,” said Subha. 21. ...
Created on 05 August 2021
9. Kids Fantasy Story - G & J - 10 - Shini
(English Story Series)
... still here in Nuno.”    Grace tried to clear her mind. She remembered reaching Nuno and going around with Joy.    Then Joy took her to the Lake of answers…    “Joy, didn’t you take me to the ...
Created on 04 August 2021
10. The Vicar of Wakefield - 14 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... payable at sight; and let me tell you he is as warm a man as any within five miles round him. Honest Solomon and I have been acquainted for many years together. I remember I always beat him at threejumps; ...
Created on 03 August 2021
11. The Vicar of Wakefield - 13 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... Once, indeed, I remember to have heard him say he never knew a woman who could find merit in a man that seemed poor.’ ‘Such, my dear,’ cried I, ‘is the common cant of all the unfortunate or idle. But I ...
Created on 01 August 2021
12. The Vicar of Wakefield - 01 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
...  too, even to the fortieth remove, all remembered their affinity, without any help from the Herald’s office, and came very frequently to see us. Some of them did us no great honour by these claims ...
Created on 08 July 2021
13. REVIEWS - The Better Sister - Alafair Burke
(Reviews and Spoilers)
Genre - Mystery, Thriller & Suspense    Summary:    Chloe Taylor and Nicky Taylor are sisters.     Fourteen years back, Chloe helped her brother-in-law, Adam Macintosh (husband of Nicky) gain full custody ...
Created on 08 July 2021
14. The Mountain Girl - 32 - Emma Payne Erskine - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... and dropping off to sleep she remembered questions of her own that had been unasked, or left unanswered.    The next day Cassandra pleaded weariness and stayed in her cabin, sending Martha down for ...
Created on 30 June 2021
15. The Mountain Girl - 30 - Emma Payne Erskine - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... d Lady Thryng remembered that moaning cry, "I am a strangah."    "No, no. You are an American and a very beautiful one. Come, they will be glad to meet you. Give me your name again."    "Thank you—b ...
Created on 22 June 2021
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