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1. Kanchana Jayathilakar - Kanavu Nila
ths one is not tht romantic....its lik crime.... :roll:
Created on 28 May 2011
2. Ramani Chandran - Maalai Mayangugira neram - Updated
Really a fantastic novel.. :-) agmark romantic novel with twists.. coz of tht i cried too :cry: .. but the story ended with the note tht they lived happily ever after... :lol:
Created on 30 November 2012
3. Kanchana Jaithilakar - Athisaya Raagam - Updated
Nice one :- Not very realistic but is a good romantic story :D
Created on 19 June 2011
4. எனக்கு பிடித்தவை - 02 - Pride & Prejudice
Nan First padicha romantic story ithu than! Non detail buk a padichen! Apram full book and movies paathiruken.. But neenga solra series innum paakala... inime pakanum nu aarvam vanthiruku
Created on 04 August 2016
5. Ramani Chandran - Aval Enge Piranthirikiraalo (Updated)
I really liked this story. A romantic cum family novel from a very different angle. Ramani Chandran rocks!
Created on 30 April 2012
6. Ramani Chandran - Punnagaiyil Pudhu Ulagam (Updated)
Hi na priya.. maximum na thanimaila irukaradhala chillzee stories padikaren.. family love romantic stories en fav. So please en thnimaiya poka vali sollunga..
Created on 21 September 2015
7. Ramani Chandran - Ninaivu Nalladhu Vendum
Not a typical RC romantic novel but humorous! Intha kathayil amma ethanai murai coffee podugiraargal endru oru pottiye nadatthalaam! Worth a read!
Created on 06 April 2012
8. Seetha Lakshmi - Nilave Malarndhidu
thanks jesintha. i read that novel yesterday. its diff from other romantic novels. i have never read such a story before , honestly.thanks 4 suggesting. :-)
Created on 15 July 2012
9. Neeraja Nagarajan - Kannathil Muthamondru
wow.wat a novel.a nice read.it has a special touch of bharathiyar's song at the end. a romantic novel to enjoy for sure 8
Created on 07 June 2012
10. Jai Sakthi - Azhagukku azhagaanen
Hi Sasikalamg, Read this story today. An excellent story. I was expecting a romantic story but this turned out to be a social novel with embedded romance. Good one :-) Really didn't expect Jaisakthi's novel ...
Created on 04 May 2012
11. Muthulakshmi Ragavan - Geethayin Raadhai
Hi Sasireka Arun, Read this story based on your comment. Yes it's worth a read. Reminded me of 80's , 90's Tamil cinema :) ...
Created on 02 May 2012
12. Muthulakshmi Ragavan - Geethayin Raadhai
really a good romantic novel worth reading :-)
Created on 01 May 2012
13. புயலுக்கு பின் - 16
Good to read a story that's not just another romantic story! Ippo ellam romba over dose of romantic stories aayiduchu
Created on 04 April 2012
14. You & Me - 01
Hey Sandhya, Nice start... Is this going to be a romantic story or family story or some other genre?
Created on 10 May 2012
15. In Search of Love - Part 4
Absolutely Sandy. If You and me can be categorized as YARS (yet another romantic story), this is completely different ;-)
Created on 04 April 2014
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