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- Chillzee Team

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The day started with gloominess. When Sarayu entered the gates of that sprawling institute of basic medical sciences, she could feel uneasiness at heart.

“Is there any bad news waiting for me?” As they have closed for the summer holidays, the institute looked empty without students who kept walking around, going from the library to the lab or from the lab to the library, or to the only available canteen at the extreme corner of the institute.

The lift looked empty without any one to accompany Sarayu. Usually Sarayu avoided going alone in the lift. Once inside that small, closed space, she felt scared and tense. Until the lift reached the third floor where her office was, she stood numb. Most of the time she preferred to walk on the stairs. First floor or second floor or third floor, she preferred to walk and mostly avoided the lift.

Using the stairs turned out to be a healthy exercise not only to her body but also to her mind. Most of the people who worked in all the floors became her friends. Whenever she halted for a few minutes at the landing slab, a space that connected the floor with the other, definitely someone from that floor greeted her. Sarayu knew more people than anyone in her office. Though she maintained distance with her colleagues, whoever she met on her way turned into good friends.

Anyone can be a friend. And anyone cannot be a friend. It always takes some time for everyone to get introduced, understand and then realize the compatibility and the wave length that matched their preferences. From school to college, from college to her work place, she did have too many friends. But only a very few matched her wave length. Such relationship did not exist for a longer time. It turned into void within a year. Friends who impressed her a lot unfortunately waved good bye within 365 days. Every year around the month of March/April she told good bye to one of her thick friends. It took another six months for her to return to her normal self and lead a normal life. Her virtual world shook for a while with this parting and her sub-conscious mind could not take this sharp pain that nulled her brain powers.

When she started to read poetry during her high school days, she developed an interest in reading metaphysical poems. More reading of metaphysical poems helped her to develop interest in learning about life and the puzzles it had within. Whenever she went to the library, she started to hunt for books that talked about life after death. Not only death, she wanted to read more about dreams and how dreams played a crucial role in a person’s life. Dreams could foretell what will happen next and they can guide the person better.

Dreams are more connected with our sub-conscious minds and every dream had a meaning to interpret. They are predictions of your future life. She loved to interpret the dreams her friends shared with her. Happy or unhappy, her friends listened to her interpretations and accepted them as genuine and correct.

Dreams dreamt in the morning and dreams dreamt during sleep at night may have different interpretations. Dreams are a collection of images, feelings and memories that occur involuntarily during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of slumber. Every one dreams in their dreams. Yet, most of us may not remember or only have a vague remembrance of what we saw in our dreams. According to some research, some people don’t dream and are never disturbed by dreams.

Dreams are considered as fantasies. A reflection of what we think at our subconscious level and mostly they are thoughts that could not be expressed or shared with anyone. Dreams may often involve persons whom we may know or familiar with or even unknown. Sometimes, the dreams take us to unknown lands we have never visited, or locations that we love to visit. Dreams are always interesting for they give us the space for acts that we may not be able to do in real life. Dreams may be a simulation to our unshared emotions or threats that we may experience in real life.

Dreams are always not positive. Sometimes we may experience negative dreams or nightmares that may shake us and wake up from our deep sleep. They may bring in anxiety, despair or even scare us to the maximum. Nightmares may sometime occur again and again and they can lead to psychological distress or sleep problems like insomnia.

On that day while taking the stairs to reach her office, Sarayu felt dazed and confused. In her deep sleep, she had a wakening dream that made her heart palpitate heavily and sweat profusely as if she encountered a ferocious lion on her way. She dreamt being in a tight hug and the interesting part of the dream was she could not see the face of the person but could feel the emotional pull that pulled like a magnet. That was electrifying!

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# RE: Emotionallyரவை .k 2020-06-09 21:13
I loved this piece for its vocabulary, deep thoughts and subtle emotions, realistic presentation and above all, definitions of dreams! Hearty congrats for the huge success! Madam Kalaiselvi is a writer par excellance!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Thanks!Kalai Selvi Arivalagan 2020-06-10 10:40
The biggest tribute a writer can receive is those words of appreciation from another writer!! Thanks a lot!
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