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For all these years more than three decades, I have been struggling with one issue or another.  Life throws me good opportunities.  Unfortunately, I could not grab them and get the benefit of being fortunate.  When I came across people who were not good at heart, reputed for unbelievable atrocities in their lives were leading good life without any health or financial issues.   I just wondered what made them enjoy such goodness in life.  For no reason of ours, our family reeled in poverty and every day was a struggle.

With much expectation I started my married life.  But everything turned out to be a failure.  People who were my in-laws hated me to the core and they were not ready to accept me into their family.  Instead of building such grudge towards me,  if they had chucked us out of their homes, we would be much happier now.  Not wishing to leave our father-in-law who was not hale and healthy,  we were forced to endure insults and unhappiness. The same sister-in-law who made my life a hell got married and left the family.  She got her own home immediately after marriage and was also blessed with children within a year of her marriage.  She made my life a hell and shattered peace at home.  Yet, she was blessed with all good things in life and she led a happy, married life.

All these made me analyze what would have nullified their wrong doings and blessed them with prosperity.   It is none other than anything, cows nullified their bad actions.   One day or other, they will also undergo the implications of their bad karmas, for the time being, they lead a peaceful life. 

In the present day scenario, where man lacks compassion towards his fellow human being, if you feed a cow with something or other, your bad karmas are nullified is something good I found out.   In all households of people who brought unhappiness to our family, I found out that they reared at least one cow at their homes.  The presence of a cow at their homes unknowingly brought them benefits of being healthy and wealthy.

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About the Author

Kalai Selvi Arivalagan

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# RE: Getting relieved from bad karmaரவை .k 2020-07-25 19:03
Not alone cows, for that matter any pet animal! Unmindful of what others do, if we show kindness, we would feel happiness!
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