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When I made Sambar with Broccoli,  I had no idea how it will come out.  But it tasted so good and the flavour was excellent.

I have made Sambar using vegetables like brinjal, drumstick, carrot, potatoes, florets of cauliflower, shallots or small onions or even with whatever vegetables available at home.

When you pressure cook toor dhal, add florets of Broccoli along with it.  When the dhal is cooked along with florets of Broccoli it will have an excellent flavour that adds special taste to the cooked dhal.

With the cooked dhal and florets of Broccoli, follow other procedures as usual.

Pour some oil in the pan and add methi seeds, mustard, and curry leaves.  Once the added ingredients turn brown in colour, add thinly prepared pulp of tamarind water.  Add two or three tablespoons of sambar powder as you prefer.  Add salt for taste.  Now pressure cook again till the flavour of delicious sambar fills your kitchen and kindle your appetite to eat not waiting for anyone. 

Try this!! You will then start to use Broccoli frequently at home.  

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