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Chillzee Featured - 04. Akshaya

In this episode of Featured, we are going to hear from Akshaya, a real friend for all of us @ Chillzee.

About Akshaya:

Akshaya is a happy-go-lucky person. She is very cheeerful and bubbly :)

Let's go ahead and see her favorite songs

1. Amman Kovil Therazhaghu - Sontham 16
This is one of my all time favorite songs. In the song the hero sings about his dream girl. An excellent song!


2. Madhura Marikozhunthu - Enga ooru paattukaaran
Ok after day dreaming, it's time to meet one another right? Our hero and heroine meet in this song. Not to mention about the great music by Ilaiyaraja!

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# RE: Chillzee Featured - 04. AkshayaThenmozhi 2012-07-19 23:54
Very nice songs Akshaya :-)

Kadaisiya namma madam amansu irangi unga songs-a pottutaanga :-)

Appadiye freeya- oru padam paarkka vachutteenga :-) Thanks!
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# RE: Chillzee Featured - 04. AkshayaAdmin 2012-07-19 23:50
Akshaya Madam, Chance-a illai. Very nice songs. I created a playlist with your songs and finished my cleaning work hearing your songs :-)
Thanks for sharing!

BTW, sorry for posting this late... I know it was pending with me for many months... :-|
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