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The Law of Innocence - Michael Connelly
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REVIEWS - The Law of Innocence - Michael Connelly


Genre - Thrillers & Suspense


This is a Mickey Haller crime suspense novel, written by Michael Connelly.


Mickey Haller first appeared in 2005 novel The Lincoln Lawyer. Haller is a Los Angeles-based defense attorney.


Michael Connelly ‘s Mickey Haller series consists of six published novels. The Law of Innocence is the sixth novel in the Haller book series.




After Mickey wins another big case, Mickey celebrates with the other lawyers at their usual celebration place.


When Mickey is headed home to have a peaceful sleep after the celebration, he is pulled over by a police officer for a missing number plate. The officer finds the body of Mickey’s former client in the car’s trunk.


Haller is immediately charged with murder, and his whole life is upside down!


He knows he is innocent. But all the proofs are against him. An exorbitant amount of $5 million bail has been slapped on him by the vindictive judge.


Though in jail, Mickey selects himself to be his own defendant and with his team he is all set to fight for himself.


But staying inside jail is not easy. Since day one, he faces a constant fear of being attacked by his inmates.


With the prosecution led by Dana also known as Death Row, the challenges for Halley are not getting any lesser. Also, many of his friends turn their back to him.


With all the odds not in his favor, Mickey has no choice but to defend himself!


Mickey is demotivated, but as a person he is, he regains his confidence.


As more and more Mickey digs into the issue, the more it gets tangled up. The situation worsens when the FBI becomes part of the whole murder scene!


So, how will Mickey defend himself is the rest of the story.




It is a fast-paced novel and Michael Connelly's writing is wonderful!


As a legal mystery, the novel mentions a few legal processes and terminologies. Michael Connelly's familiarity with those legal processes and terminologies, and the way he describes them, helps the readers to interpret it easily.


On the flip side, for a Michael Connelly novel, this one has many loopholes. Also, the storyline is a bit predictable. Dana’s character ends up very feeble! The end could have been much better.


Overall, a nice legal - suspense novel.



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