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Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 06 - Shini


Hello miss Sharpe!”

Grace, who was looking at the ambulance turned around to see Joy and Jamey, the talking rodents. She didn’t wish them back.

Jess, who also turned around hearing the voice was also quiet.

“We understand you both are sad. But there is no time to waste” said Joy, the squirrel.

G and J just stared back at her.

“Joy is correct Miss Sharpe. Please come with us now. Our world is in a very dangerous situation” said Jamey the beaver.

Grace realized that they have to travel with the rodents now.

They have kept their side of the promise. We should also keep our promise, she thought to herself.

“J, I think we need to leave with them now” said Grace to her brother Jess.

Jess searched for Mr. Petrrey.

“Don’t worry about Mr. Petrrey Mr. Sharpe. He is our friend. He will stay back and will take care of your parents”

Grace and Jess looked at each other and finally Grace nodded.

“Ok Joy, Jamey, we are ready to travel to your world. How will we get there? Where is it?”

“Thank you Ms. Sharpe. Our world….”

Joy interrupted her and said,

“Jamey, I think we can talk about all those things on our way. We should not waste even a teeny tiny amount of time”

“Joy has a point Ms. Sharpe. But don’t worry, I will tell you all about Arion, Nuno and Typhoon on our way”

Saying that Joy put her claws inside her pocket and took out what looked like a pen.

Fascinated by the fancy looking pen, Grace and Jess looked at it in awe.

It had a glittery outer surface and was very colorful!

“No Mr. Sharpe please hold Jamey’s hands. Miss Sharpe, can you please hold my hand. Remember not to take away your hands. Keep holding us till we start”

Grace and Jess shook their head.

“Are we going to travel using this fancy pen?” asked Grace in a stunned voice.

“Yes Ms. Sharpe. We call it peTraPort. This is our only way to reach Arion. It takes around 15 minutes as you call it here to reach our world.”

Saying that Joy held her left hand out and Grace held it tight. At the same time Jamey stretched her hand for Jess.

Jess too got hold of it.

Jamey clung on to Joy, who pointed the fancy pen forward and said,

“Her highness peTraPort, take us to Arion, the world of animals”

The kids looked at the pen amazed.


Slowly, small amount of smoke started coming out of the pen. Then a bright orangish red color filled the place. And then the floor beneath them started to shake. Jess closed his eyes in fear. Grace too was scared but she wanted to see what is happening around, hence kept her eyes open.

In a whirlwind like movement, the four started to move. Grace could not see the pen anymore. For that case, she couldn’t see anything else.

It was kind of dark!

She could feel the movement, but it was not tiring. It was a very swift movement.

Joy and Jamey who were a bit relaxed now, let go of the kids’ hands.

Jess still had his eyes closed.

“Nothing more to worry Mr. Sharpe. We will reach Arion in a blink” said Joy as if to comfort the little boy.

Jess slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He felt moving but he couldn’t see anything other than his sister and the two rodents.

“So, Joy, you said Arion is where you animals live??” asked Grace.

“Yes Miss Sharpe” replied Joy.

“Please call me as Grace.”

“Ok Grace it is!” accepted Joy.

“Now tell me about the monsters world, "Typhoon"”

“No, it is Typhon. You should pronounce it as Tie – phone”

“Tie - phone, typhon???”

“Yes that is correct”

“Ok, so these monsters wants to eat you all?”

“Yes, Typhonions look at Arionians as their enemies. They want to capture our world” said Joy

“Once they get hold of us, they will eat most of us and the rest will serve them as slaves” added Jamey.

“I see! And you say that they have acquired some new power to win over your world.”

“It is not just power, it is BLACK power. The power that can do very powerful things”

Grace could feel the fear in joy’s voice. But she couldn’t stop herself from asking more questions.

“Powerful things like what?” asked Grace with a polite but curious tone.

“We are not allowed to talk about it Grace. You need to meet our Sorcerer Joan to hear the details” said Joy.

“Ok” accepted Grace.

Suddenly there was a low beep sound.

It started as a single beep and slowly it became more frequent.

Grace and Jess looked at the two rodents.

“We are all set to land at Arion” said Joy gleefully.

Suddenly the place beneath their foot started to shake.

A terrified Jess looked at his sister. Though Grace was also terrified, she tried to move next to her brother to console him. But she couldn’t even lift her feet.

It went on for a few more seconds and then it became quiet.

There were no beeps, no shaking or movement!

Joy stretched out her hand again, and the fancy, colorful pen re-appeared in her hand.

“Welcome to Arion, G and J” said Jamey in a delighted voice.

To be continued...

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  • good one Shini.<br /><br />Story is getting interesting. Atlast they are in Arion. How are the kids going to protect it?

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