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Rose and Thorn
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20. Rose and Thorn - Sandhya

Sarathy couldn’t believe his ears. He blinked his eyes multiple times as if to confirm that he is not dreaming.

“What are you standing here for? Go, make the change and email them explaining your mistake” scorned Baskar.

That’s the boss! No change there, wondered Sarathy. But he knew for certain that Baskar is not the old monster boss any more.

Sarathy came back to his seat still pondering about Baskar.

Sarathy had sent an email with the wrong quote to one of their loyal clients. It could even end up with the client severing their ties with Boss consultancy.

Baskar who usually screams and shouts for no reason has taken the news coolly!

Sarathy was almost shivering when he admitted his mistake to Baskar. But Baskar’s reaction was quite unbelievable. Literally speaking, he did shout but that old scorching flare was missing!

Lucky me, thought Sarathy as he started typing the correction email to the client.


“I am here” said Subha trying to keep her voice normal. But her heart was jumping out of joy. It’s her first day in business school!

She has got admission in a renowned business school.

She has done it! Her dream has come true!

Subha has dreamt of this day for the past many years. And now it is finally true!

Subha knew Baskar’s recommendation letter provided extra weightage to her application. She wished she could share this happy news with him.

It has been a year since she left her part-time job in Boss

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# RE: Serial story - Rose and Thorn - 20 - SandhyaAdharvJo 2021-02-10 15:48
:D adhan parthen.... Okay so subha has got the chance to meet her ex boss 😍😍😍
Cute and cool update ma'am 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Look forward to read the next epi.
Thank you.
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