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The Mountain Girl

"How did you come to try to make a picture of the sea when you never saw it?"


"Do' know. I feel like I done seed th' ocean when I'm settin' thar on the rock an' them white, big clouds go a-sailin' far—far, like they're goin' to anothah world an' hain't quite touchin' this'n."


"I wondered why you had your ship so high above the sea."


"I don't guess hit's a very good'n," said the child, ruefully, clinging to the scrap of paper with reluctant grasp. "You reckon she'd keer fer this'n?"


"I reckon she'd care for anything you made. Give it to me, and I'll send it to her."


"She tol' me the sea, hit war blue, an' I can't make hit right blue an' soft like she said. That thar blue pencil, hit's too slick. I can't make hit stay on the papah."


"What are these mounds here on either side of the sea?"


"Them's mountains."


"But why did you put mountains in the sea?" The boy looked with wide eyes dreamily past the two men so attentively regarding him.


"I—I reckon I jes' put 'em thar fer to look like the sea hit war on the world. I don't guess the'd be no ocean nor no world 'thout

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