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Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 01 - Shini

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A thunder shuddered as if the sky is about to fall down!

It was too loud…

Bright lightning appeared in the dark sky

It has been raining continuously for the past three days… Not just raining it was almost flooding…

In the corner of the Lincoln Street, there was that small house… The wooden wall of the house appeared to be in a very bad shape while the roof almost looked to be withering out…

Inside the house there were vessels all around… vessels filled with water and making that funny dripping noise…

Grace was sitting on the old chair and watching the rain… It was fun to watch the rain… Since there was no television in their house any more, she had no option but to spend her time on her own.

Things weren’t like this until last year. She had a fun filled eighth birthday. But ever since her dad had fallen ill everything has changed. Her ninth birthday had nothing much to remember.

I hope our life would change before my tenth birthday, she thought optimistically.

Grace looked around and saw her little brother Jess playing with his small video game. Their father had brought that for him when he turned five.

Her father coughed a couple of times and her mom rushed to him. She has never seen a wonderful couple like her parents. Both of them loved each other…

Her father, Smith Sharpe was a fire fighter. He was a very brave man. He had rescued hundreds of people from fire. Last year while rescuing people from a deadly fire in an elderly home, he had got himself badly injured. The smoke he inhaled and the burn injuries had made him almost an invalid.

Doctors can make him better if they could pay them lots and lots of money. Racheal Sharpe, their Mom had tried all that she could do to treat him but it was too much for them.

Mom had started working in the nearby convenience store recently. So they will not be starving as they show in movies but still they can’t afford to treat dad or repair this beautiful and wonderful home.

I will grow up and earn a lot to do all those things. I will get dad treated by the best doctors in the world. I would get back satellite TV connection, buy new games for J, repair the roof, landscape the garden, and renovate the walls…

“G, can you change the water in the pan near the window? It’s almost full…”

Grace obediently followed her mom’s word. She replaced the water filled pan with a new one. Their water basin has some blockage and pouring too much water will make it overflow… So she opened the window and poured the water outside…

As she was about to close the window she saw the dandelion stuck in the window glass… She took it in her hands.

 “Hey G, that’s a dead dandelion… Let’s make a wish and blow it off…” cried Jess.

“Ho J! I don’t believe it.”

“It’s ok if you don’t believe it… Let us think of something wonderful and blow it together.”


“Here we go… one… two… three…”

They closed their eyes, thinking of something in their mind and blew it away… Off it went… The dried dandelion petals flew away and were caught in the rain and disappeared from their sight.



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