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Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 02 - Shini

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Racheal closed the door and took couple of deep breath.

I guess I am day dreaming she said to herself and slowly opened the door and looked down.

“I will not see them. I will not see them now…” she said to herself.

G&JBut to her great disappointment, the American red squirrel and beaver were still there.

“Hello Mrs. Sharpe” waved the squirrel blissfully!

“So you guys can really talk? Am I dreaming or what?”

“Oh we are real! You are not dreaming. Can we come inside now?”

Racheal was still in shock, she looked at those two rodents with doubt.

“It’s very important Mrs. Sharpe. We are here on business. We don’t have much time to lose” said Jamey, the Beaver.

Racheal opened the door and let them come inside her home.

“Thank you Mrs Sharpe. That’s very kind of you.”

The rodents walked slowly and reached the living room. They jumped on the cushion sofa and sat there.

G and J who were eating their breakfast sneak peeked from the dining room to see who their visitors are.

“Mrs. Sharpe we are here to ask you for help. Our world depends on your word”

“What? What are you talking about?” stuttered Racheal.

“Ok ok, let me tell you about our world. Jamey and I are not from your world. We have a separate world called Arion. Our world only has animals and we all live peacefully there”

“Don’t you have lions and tigers in your world?” asked Grace with curiosity.

“G! Why did you come here? Go to dining place now!” said Racheal scornfully.

“Oh! You are Miss Sharpe? And I assume this is your brother. Oh my god! We are blessed! So nice to meet you Miss Sharpe. I am Jamey and this is my friend Joy” said the beaver zealously.

“Pleasure is mine! Nice meeting you both” said G with surprise.

“G, J, go to your room, now” ordered Racheal.

“Mrs Sharpe, please let them stay!” begged Joy, the squirrel.

“No, I don’t want them to hear anything that you both say” said Racheal in an irritated tone.

“Please mom, let us stay. We will not disturb you.”

“Yes, Mrs. Sharpe, Please…”

Racheal looked at her pleading children and rodents for a few seconds and then sighed and said,

“Ok, fine! You both can stay. But you both should stay quiet.”

“Yes mom” said G and J together.

“Ok, now you continue your story”



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