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Popular Profiles - 06.Vaasanthi

Vaasanthi is one of the popular social novel writers in Tamil. Her stories have a touch of feminism and good meaningful themes.

Personal Life:

Vaasanthi's real name is Pankajam. She was born on 26th July 1941 in Tumkur, Karnataka.

Vaasanthi is a double degree holder from Mysore University. After marriage, since Vaasanthi's husband worked for CPWD, she got opportunity to live in various part of India including Delhi, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya

As Writer:

Vaasanthi's first story came about unintentionally, based on a widowed great-aunt who became the target of malicious household gossip. She sent it to Ananda Vikatan, a popular Tamil magazine. Since she did not want anyone at home to trace this outpouring back to her, she camouflaged her given name, Pankajam, with a pseudonym Vaasanthi. Vaasanthi can't really say how she arrived at this unique name of vaasanthi and not the common name "Vasanthi".

Vaasanthi's early novels were about women. They were also about her surroundings, which kept changing as her husband kept receiving transfer orders to various parts of India. While staying in Delhi, Vaasanthi got opportunities to meet various women writers. Most of them were politically motivated and this inspired her to start writing political novels also.

Vaasanthi has done research on Usilampatti girl baby murders and Tamilnadu women beedi workers.

Her Books:

Vaasanthi has written many novels, short stories and Essays. She has also worked as the editor of Tamil edition of the popular "India Today" magazine

Some of her popular books include Aagaasa veedugal, Jananam, Idaiveligal thodargindrana and Yuga sandhi.



Vaasanthi's "Jayalalitha a portrait" a book based on current Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha created huge furore. Chief Minister Jayalalitha has approached court and has succesfully got a stay order aginst the release of the book.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Vaasanthi's Aaagaasa veedugal has been published as part of UNESCO represented novel collection.
  • Aagaasa veedugal has been translated into English, Hindi, Czech and German languages.
  • Has won Punjab saagithya academy award
  • Has won Uttar Pradesh sasaithanic award


References - www.thehindu.com

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