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Rose and Thorn
Rose and Thorn

13. Rose and Thorn - Sandhya

Good evening sir” wished Subha with a dashing smile.

Baskar was a bit startled as he looked at her. She could see that her smile made his face go soft, but he immediately regained his composure.

“Stop smiling and start doing your job” he scorned.

“That’s what I am doing sir. Here’s the letter I typed and here're the corrections from yesterday”

Subha kept the papers before him as he looked at her in surprise.

There’s something about Subha that went far behind her appearance, he thought to himself.

Of course, she looked pleasant too! She should be around 5.5 feet. Not slim nor fat! Her black colored long and thick hair looked perfect.

Her face was always free of make-up but looked so refreshing!

She was wearing a light green churidar with a maroon shawl. It complimented her complexion to a tee!

“Do you like this color sir?” asked Subha with a grin noticing Baskar’s gaze.

“What? Have you gone mad?” despised Baskar, again trying to hide his original feelings.

Subha responded with a stunning smile.

“I am going back to my seat sir. I have lots of work to complete today”

Baskar kept staring at the door as it closed hiding Subha from his eyesight. He could feel a gentle warmth flowing into him.

It took him some time to realize he had been sitting idle thinking about Subha.

When he resumed his work, his heart still had the warmth, something he had not felt for a long time!

Subha’s face was glittering with a smile all evening. She had no intention of enticing Baskar. She just wanted him to break out of the cocoon. He doesn’t deserve to become a monster. His real self should be visible to the world.

She finished all her work for the day sincerely.

Before leaving, she peeped inside Baskar’s room. He was not around. She


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