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Chillzee English - Web Novel - Ambition - 01 - VJG

Sidhu, where are you running? Stay right here with Bharath, why can’t you listen to me for once?” Madhumitha was yelling at Sidharth .


Madhumitha, Dheepak were married for ten years now. Bharat, Siddharth and shruti are their three children, Bharath and Siddharth are the identical twin kids. They both are nine years old and the girl Shruthi, is seven years old.


They have arrived at the cricket coaching class. Coach Shankar was talking to someone up there, he saw Sidharth, hopping and running to the class as usual, very happily.


“Hi, Sidharth! You look very happy as usual?… “


“Yes sir! I am really very happy when I come here to play.


“I can very well understand from your performance, It’s improving in every match, I am sure, you have a bright future!”


“Thanks sir!”


“Sorry coach, did he bother you? I have been calling him and he didn't hear me.. He came running, he is not like Bharath.”


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