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Chillzee English - Web Novel - Ambition - 04 - VJG

Things happened so fast, their marriage was neither too grand or nor too simple, it went on well without any hassle.


“Deepak, mom and dad are going to my brother’s place, they have decided to stay with him. It's safer stay in the apartment, instead of an independent house, what do you say?”


'Oh no Madhu, this house is bigger. It’ll be a good size for all of us, let’s stay in this house Madhu."


“ No Deepak, we both are working most of the time we’ll be out, think about mom and dad. They will be in the house all alone. I care about them, they need security. Our apartment is the gated community, its secured place. They’ll have neighbors. So let's move there.”


 He thought for a while and asked her,


“What if your parents wanted to come back here?"


“I don't think they would ever wanted to come back, if at all they wanted to come back, we will think about it later.” she concluded the conversation, he has no other option but to say ‘yes’.


Since they had everything in the house, he just had to take his things that he uses everyday and his clothes. It's a three bedroom apartment, it was ok to manage. Deepak and Madhu forced his parents to move in with them. Initially they hesitated to come and live with them. They were not sure,how the life

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# RE: Chillzee English - Web Novel - Ambition - 04 - VJGThenmozhi 2021-03-23 05:06
nice update VJG.
Very realistic and practical. Looking fwd to read what happ next (y)
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# AmbitionVJ G 2021-03-24 06:09
Thank you, Thenmozhi! Looking forward to your comments on the upcoming episodes too..

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