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The Priceless Pearl
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Chillzee English - Web Novel - The Priceless Pearl - 04 - Alice Duer Miller

Pearl, like Augusta herself, was too much occupied with her own mood to notice that a mood was already waiting for her. It seemed to her that Augusta and Horace were just sitting there as usual, without much to say to each other. She had been looking for a job all the morning, and all the day before, and was discovering that beauty may find it as hard to get a job as it had been to keep one.


"Hullo, Gussie! Hullo, Horrie!" she said, striding in, full of her own troubles. "I think men are just terrible."


"You must have changed a lot," said Bayne, who was in no humor to let anything pass.


He had known Pearl since her freshman year at Rutland, and was accustomed to seeing her surrounded by a flock of the condemned sex, whose attentions had never seemed unwelcome.


"Yes, I've changed," said Pearl. "You see, I've worked for men—at least I've tried to. I've been trying to all morning. If they kept turning you down because you were lame or marked with smallpox they'd feel ashamed, but if they turn you down because they think you're good-looking----"


Miss Leavitt here interrupted her narrative to give a grinning representation of the speaker. "'Forgive my speaking plainly, but you are too good-looking for office work.' Doesn't it occur to them that even good-looking people must eat? And they are so smug and pleased with themselves. Well, here I am with two

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+1 # RE: Chillzee English - Web Novel - The Priceless Pearl - 04 - Alice Duer MillerThenmozhi 2021-03-23 05:07
Interesting updates.
So Pearl is going in place of Augusta as the governess. Then, is Anthony the hero?
Looking fwd to read (y)
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