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Chillzee English - Web Novel - Ambition - 05 - VJG

The doctor confirmed the pregnancy!


Fourth month, the doctor took the tests and confirmed it's identical twin babies. They were so happy, Deepak’s mom took care of her, just like her own daughter. Deepak’s dad also helped his mom. Madhu’s parents offered the helping hands, but they said, they don't have any other work other than taking care of their daughter.


Madhu started to work out, since she did not have any other work in the house. The two kids were born, they were boys, they named them Bharath and Siddharth. Deepak refused to send her to her parents place, instead he invited her parents to stay with them and help them. They stayed here to help her in- laws to raise the kids.


After a year, she was again pregnant, that was a girl, they named her Shruthi.


She came to her senses. She arrived at the cricket coaching center. With a heavy sigh Madhumita, entered the center.


“Sidhu and Bharat were talking to the coach. When Bharath saw her, he ran to her,” Are you two ready to leave?” she asked Bharath.


“Yes mom, we were waiting for you.”


“Ok, let's leave!” The kids were happily hopping and running, with joy. Talking about the happenings at the center.

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