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The Priceless Pearl
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The Priceless Pearl - 19 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel

Then Anthony came out of his room, looking handsome and sleek and brown and very well dressed in blue serge; and they went out and had luncheon together, and then started at once for their drive of a hundred miles in Anthony's car.


She answered all his questions--and one he did not ask. She volunteered: "I must confess, Anthony, when I first saw this girl—saw how unsuitable she was--I felt your wonderful judgment must have been clouded by your having fallen in love with her."


"Recollect, please," he returned, "that even if it had been the girl I saw, I had only seen her once."


"Don't people fall in love at first sight?"


Anthony smiled.


"I don't," he said; and he went on to describe the slow process by which a love which can be depended on to last must necessarily grow.


To Miss Wellington, who had known Anthony for fifteen years, the description was perfectly satisfactory.


They reached Edna's house a little after five. Dolly had gone away the day before to soothe her wounded feelings at a house party in the Adirondacks. Durland was playing golf and Antonia having supper with her friend Olive. Edna alone received the traveler. She did not reproach him; she gave him

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