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G & J
G & J

Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 10 - Shini

Who are you?” screamed Grace, shutting her eyes tight!


“Grace, Grace???” called another voice from a faraway distance.


Grace was very scared to open her eyes.


A creaking noise followed, and Grace could hear a few footsteps.


“Don’t come near me,” Grace yelled, just as a hand touched her forehead.


Grace opened her eyes and was surprised to see it wasn’t dark anymore.


“Grace, are you ok?” asked her little brother Jess. He was also accompanied by Jamie and Joy.


Grace was further surprised to see she was lying down on her bed and wasn’t in front of the huge seashell.


“Jess, where are we?” she asked as she was very confused.


“We are in the babies world. Why do you ask?”


“But didn’t we go to the blob world?”


“Blob world???” shrieked Joy.


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