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Rose and Thorn
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23. Rose and Thorn - Sandhya

Baskar, are you sure? I don’t want to build up my hopes before getting disappointed,” said Murthy, doubtfully.


“Yes dad! I asked the same thing to Subha, and she said Sujatha had verified the information before passing it on to her,” said Baskar in a delighted tone.


“Then we shouldn’t delay any longer. Let’s go and meet this guy and bring him here. I don’t want to talk about this with Bavi yet. She may not be able to withstand distress.”


“Right dad, we will start immediately then,” accepted Baskar.


Shoba was in awe due to the intensity of the news. She couldn’t even move her lips. Now, when she tried to talk, she could only gasp.


Murthy hugged his wife.


“Shoba, I know how you feel. Just relax and take care of Bavi. Baskar and I will go and meet this person. Please do not utter anything to Bavi.”


“I will not,” whispered Shoba into her husband’s ears.




Baskar and Murthy started immediately lying about a non-existing business deal with Bavi. And it didn’t take them much longer to validate Sujatha’s information. Ashokan looked like a healthy young man, and he was willing to donate blood to Bavi. Even Ashokan’s family members were happy to let him donate the blood.


When Murthy asked about compensation, Ashokan’s middle-aged father interrupted abruptly and said,


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# RE: Chillzee English - Web Novel - Rose and Thorn - 23 - SandhyaThenmozhi 2021-12-17 20:13
:roll: :roll: I can't believe it Sandy ;-) 2 updates in 2 months, can you even think abt it :D
Sweet epi dear. Suji is right, talk like grown ups little kiddos :-)
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# RE: Chillzee English - Web Novel - Rose and Thorn - 23 - Sandhyamadhumathi9 2021-12-17 17:39
:clap: nice epi. :thnkx: & :GL:
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# RE: Chillzee English - Web Novel - Rose and Thorn - 23 - SandhyaAdharvJo 2021-12-16 19:00
Ufff!! Finally bavi & family is happy and realized that good people still exist on earth 😍😍😍 Interesting and cool update ma'am 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Boss stop daydreaming and get into action 👍😂 look forward to read the next update... Subha boss yenna panalum oru reason irukkum, so accept the invite and grace the occasion.😝
Thank you.
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