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Rose and Thorn
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25. Rose and Thorn - Sandhya

Baskar stood there for a few seconds. But he quickly regained consciousness and went in search of Subha.


When he found her, she was busy waving goodbye to his family.


“Subha, you can’t just call me an idiot and leave me like this!” said Baskar not caring about the people around her.


Not just Subha, even Murthy, Shoba, Bharath, Sujatha and Bavi were stunned.


“Baski,” called Shoba, trying to pacify her son.


But Baskar was not in a mood to listen to her.


“Give me a minute, mom. Let me get this clear from Subha,” he informed his mom and turned his attention back to Subha.


Subha herself was fuming with fury. She was trying hard not to show off her emotions, but Baskar was making it hard for her.


“Tell me Subha! You asked me to share the reason. I obliged, and then you called me an idiot and stupid and just walked away? Do you think that’s fair?”


“Life is not always fair, Mister Baskar. It can be unfair at times. I guess it is time for you to learn that,” said Subha, as she gestured to turn around.


But Baskar went and stood in front of her, blocking the path.


“Answer me Subha!”


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# RE: Chillzee English - Web Novel - Rose and Thorn - 25 - SandhyaThenmozhi 2021-12-31 19:29
awesome :clap:
Happy new year Sandy :-)
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# RE: Chillzee English - Web Novel - Rose and Thorn - 25 - Sandhyamadhumathi9 2021-12-31 11:34
:clap: nice epi eagerly waiting 4 next epi. :thnkx: & :GL:
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# RE: Chillzee English - Web Novel - Rose and Thorn - 25 - SandhyaAdharvJo 2021-12-30 19:39
Wah wah semma 😍😍😍 flight miss panida poringa ponga boss ponga parandhu ponga unga kadhal paravai oda sernthu adutha epi la vanga..... Interesting update sandya ma'am 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Look forward to read the next update....
Thank you...
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