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In Search of Love
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In Search of Love - 01 - Sandhya - Web Novel


He was extremely tired. He had more than enough money with him. In fact, everyone called him rich. But he was dissatisfied, and he knew why. What's the point of having all this money after losing the most valuable asset of his life? He looked out of his bedroom window; the sun was just rising. His home is in a hill station, so the weather is always cold.


He noticed a bus driving past the front security gate. He was perplexed as to why a bus would arrive at this time. Then he remembered something his sister had told him a few days before. A group of college students is visiting the town on an educational tour and will be staying in one of the bungalows. The principal of the college and his mother are old friends, and his mother had personally requested that the college students stay in their bungalow during the tour.


As he stood there watching, the bus came to a stop near the entrance, and people began to get off the bus.


Something piqued his interest right then. At first, he assumed it was his imagination...


He closed and reopened his eyes, but the figure was still there.


Yes, it was her; how could he possibly forget her? She was standing beside the bus with a slew of other girls, but she couldn't possibly be a student!


To be continued...

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# RE: Serial Fiction - In Search of Love - 01 - SandhyaAnuja A 2022-04-19 17:32
This was the first story I read in Chillzee. Long long time back. I am happy to see it being kept alive :-) Good luck Sandhya. i look forward to raed this version too.
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