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(Reading time: 3 - 6 minutes)
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Rose & Thorn
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Rose & Thorn - 01 - Sandhya - Web Novel


This episode is also available as audio episode.



Subha entered her hostel room with the hot coffee in her hand. She checked the time for the n’th time.


Where is this Suji???


Just as she was wondering, tring tring tring, her mobile phone screamed, and she answered it just after a ring.


“Hey Suji, where are you girl? I’ve been waiting for almost an hour!”


“Sorry Subha, I am still at the Angel home.”


Sujatha’s voice had that slight tone of hesitation. And that was more than enough for Subha to find out something was not right.


“What happened Suji? Did Bharath disturb you again?”


“No, no, Subha, this is something else. I know you will be tired, but can you please come here?”


Something is really wrong, thought Subha.


“Ok dear, I will be there in an hour.”


“Thank you Subha!”


Sujatha’s voice sounded very pleased.


What has she brought in now? Subha wondered…


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# RE: Serial Fiction - Rose & Thorn - 01 - SandhyaAnuja A 2022-04-19 17:34
This is sweet after sweet :-) Thank you :-)
I also like the podcast option. I have started following it (y)
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