Rose & Thorn - English Serial Fiction

Rose & Thorn is a Family / Romance genre novel penned by Sandhya.



Rose and Thorn is a modern Indian adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast." A story about a simple girl falling in love with a man turned "beast" because of personal issues.


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  • Serial Fiction - Rose & Thorn - 01 - Sandhya

    Rose & Thorn

    After quickly sipping her coffee, Subha again draped her blue color chiffon saree. She didn’t take much time for makeup… Just used her hands to adjust her hair and kept a new bindi. That's Subha for you! Beautiful,

  • Serial Fiction - Rose & Thorn - 02 - Sandhya

    Rose & Thorn

    Baskar turned his fierce gaze toward Sarathy.

    "Sarathy! You might be an elderly person, but remember, you are just my manager, and I am your boss."

    "Sorry sir."

    "That’s ok. But don’t make the mistake of advising me again."

  • Serial Fiction - Rose & Thorn - 03 - Sandhya

    Rose & Thorn

    "No, sir, my friend works there, and she asked me to talk to you and try to change your mind."

    Baskar’s face became red. He gave Subha a distasteful look.

    "Why are you girls becoming so cheap nowadays???"

    "SIR!!!" screamed Subha angrily.

  • Serial Fiction - Rose & Thorn - 04 - Sandhya

    Rose & Thorn

    "Before I do this for you, I'd like to know how I can trust you," Subha said, trying hard not to show her rage.

    "Trust???? I don't want you to trust me. Either do what I say or leave," screamed Baskar.

    "That's exactly what I'm skeptical of. You may request that I leave once I


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