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Rose & Thorn
Rose & Thorn

Rose & Thorn - 04 - Sandhya - Web Novel


This episode is also available as audio episode.



Subha clenched her teeth and tried to keep her rage in check. Baskar, on the other hand, was unconcerned.
"What are you waiting for? I'm going to start my dictation, so grab a notepad," he said.
"Before I do this for you, I'd like to know how I can trust you," Subha said, trying hard not to show her rage.
“Trust? I don't want you to trust me; either do what I say or leave," screamed Baskar.
"That's exactly what I'm skeptical of. You may request that I leave once I have completed your task. This is your office, and no one is going to back me up. So how can I be sure that you'll talk to me after I finish your work?"
Baskar gave her a brief glance.
"All right, tell me what you want to say now. I'm going to give you five minutes. That's all I can do," he said grudgingly.
"That's ideal," replied Subha.
“Great! Your time starts now.”
"As you are aware, Jaya ma'am runs the orphanage on her own. There are over fifty children in the home. It is difficult to care for them."
"Then ask her to close the orphanage," Baskar interrupted.
"But then... Please keep the children in mind. They are small kids. Where will they go?"

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