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In Search of Love
In Search of Love

In Search of Love - 04 - Sandhya - Web Novel


Gayathri looked to be in her late forties. She had a charming smile that was so infectious. Though there was some trace of sadness in her face, she looked lovely for her age.


But that was not the only reason why Pooja couldn’t take her eyes off her. Pooja really felt that she had seen this elderly woman somewhere. She resembled someone.


Strangely, just like Pooja, Gayathri was also staring at Pooja.


While they both looked lost in their own thoughts, Annie and Gayathri’s daughter, Kalai Selvi, continued the conversation initiated by Gayathri.


"Everything is perfect, madam! Of course, this bungalow is so cool! We can’t take our eyes off the garden... It’s so very well maintained," said Annie.


"All the credit should go to my mom... And I should also add, we have good and efficient servants too," said Kalai Selvi with a smile.


"Though the servants are efficient, you need someone to manage them properly to get the work out of them... So, I'd like to give credit to Gayathri Madam."


Somehow, by then, Pooja had regained her composure and started listening to their conversation.


"Ha ha ha… I too accept it, Annie Madam. But I don’t think my mom would accept it."


"That shows her humility... But please get rid of this madam tag. You can just call me Annie. I am not that old, you see," said Annie with a smile.


"Of course! I accept the offer, Annie!" said Kalai Selvi with a giggle.


"Kalai, I think you should ask Ramu and Rani to start serving the food and then continue your

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