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Rose & Thorn
Rose & Thorn

Rose & Thorn - 03 - Sandhya - Web Novel


This episode is also available as audio episode.



Baskar’s rudeness stunned Subha. Though Suji mentioned him as a monster, she didn’t expect such a great welcome.


"I am Subha," she stammered.


"So what???  Are you so popular that I can identify you just by your name?" scorned Baskar.


"No, sir. I am here on behalf of Angel’s home," said Subha, trying to regain her composure.


"Oh yeah! It is good that you are here. I have the formal letter typed. Can you give it to that lady? What’s her name? Hmmm…"


"You mean Jaya, ma’am?"


"Oh, yes, Jaya. Give it to her. From now on, we will handle everything legally. No more direct meetings."


Then Baskar turned to Sarathy and asked,


"We need to finish the MR quote today. What’s your suggestion?"


But Sarathy was still looking in the other direction.


Baskar’s short temper came into play again. He turned towards Subha and asked, "Why are you still standing here?"


"But, sir, you didn’t even listen to me," said Subha.


"Why should I??? Hey, wait, wait, you say you are here on behalf of that orphanage???"



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