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Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 03 - Shini


Nine year old Grace lives with her five-year old brother Jess, mother Rachael and father Smith Sharpe.

Smith used to be a fire fighter and has become bed ridden while saving people in a fire accident.

The family’s fortune has changed completely since Smith’s injury.

Grace and Jess has learned to get accustomed to their current life. But the children do have their own wishful desires inside their heart. They are hoping that their father will get well someday and their home will be filled with happiness and fun.

One day, they have strange and mysterious visitors, Joy a talking squirrel and Jamey a talking beaver.

Joy and Jamey tell them about their own world called Arion. Arion is only for animals and they all live happily together.

But their happiness is threatened by a nearby monster world named Typhon.

Typhonians like to eat animals and hence they are trying hard to capture Arion. But Arions were able to resist their attack so long.

Now Typhonians have got some magical powers which will help them to take over Arion easily.

Arion’s sorcerer Joan has said that only G and J can save Arions world from Typhonians.

So Jamey and Joy request Rachael’s permission to take the kids with them. But Rachael refuses to send the kids.

It has been three days since the talking rodents had visited them. Grace is yet to come out of her awe.G&J

She could not believe that there are so many worlds out there.

And how could she save a world? She is just 9!

She looked at her brother who was playing with his video games.

“J, won’t you ever get bored with that stuff?”

“No G! It is so much fun!”

Huh! Shrugged Grace.

“G, what do you think about that beaver and squirrel? I still can’t believe it. It’s all like a dream!”

“Yeah, me too J! Do you really think we can save their world?”

“Maybe you need to eat candies and cookies to save that world. I guess that’s the only way I could help them.”

Grace giggled!

“Yeah I know! We are too young for any adventures”

“Not really G! Haven’t you read adventure stories for kids? I have read many. In the book I read last week, Eva went to space and saved earth by stopping a meteor”

“Really! But that’s fiction J! You don’t expect that to happen in real life”

“Yeah! But I really wish we could do something to help mom and dad. Imagine how different our lives will be if father gets well”

“Yeah… J! I wish we can ask those talking rodents to help our parents in return for saving Arion “

“Hello miss G! Sure we can help them and you, if you both accept to come with us and help us to save our world!”

Joy’s voice sprang from nowhere and startled G and J!

To be continued...

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