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Short Story - Spin to YOUR Rhythm - Act 2 - Adharv


“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” Mandy Hale.



Jay, please reduce the volume I’m getting distracted.

Hey isn’t it melodious?? “ Ilaya Nilaa Pozhigirathey Ithayam Varai Nanaigirathey..

Ulaa Poagum Maegam Kanaa Kaanumae Vizhaa Kaanumae Vaanamae..Ilaya Nilaa Pozhigirathey Ithayam Varai Nanaigirathey..”

Oh, god!! Jay, donkey might sing better than you.

I see, Donkey. Can you please sing this for me?? so I can assure that donkey (you) can sing better than me….

Stupid!! I have lots of pending work, if you can turn off your home theatre it would be great.

Jothsna, stop fuming. Didn’t I tell you not to get your office work to home???



Few more days Ajay.

You have been saying the same for the last three days.

Try to understand, Jay….We are helping the cochin branch to complete their assignments. We can’t wait until the scenario gets better over there and many from our branch were not ready to take up this additional piece of work and you know only handful of them came forward…

And your one among them, huh?? But, Jo…

Ajay, we will be done with this project in the next 62hours.

Hahaha!! Baby, you’re telling it like the doctors “patient need to be under observation for next 62hours”. Promise me you will take off, after this assignment.

Sure, sweetie!! By the way, we planned to donate for the Kerala flood relief.


How about you guys??

Yeah, I did!

What kind of attitude is this, Jay??? Aren’t you feeling sad for the victims. Don’t you want to help them?

C’mon Jo…you think our money would reach the needy??

Of course, Ajay.


Jay, how much did you donate??


Oh, Wow! Mr Ajay, who donates in thousands to temples has contributed Rs 500 for the flood relief. Hats off, boss. So, your donations to the temple is for show off. Isn’t it?

Show off??? I give that for “Annadhanam” and in this case the government can take up the expenses…. Also, how much I contribute is not important here.

Don’t be silly, Jay. You think government will have so much in reserve. Per the current estimate Kerala has suffered damages worth Rs 20,000 crore and state government has requested for an immediate assistance of Rs 2000 crore from central government. Hope you know what the amount is sanctioned so far by the central government.

Jove, what are you trying to say..I have already given my part so don’t force me anymore…

C’mon Ajay, am I forcing you? Try to understand, they are need of support. You know from our office group of people are going as volunteers to support the rescue team.

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Do you want to join them? I have no issues.

Funny! I’m not so courageous, even if I go, you (my hero) will have to come in search of me with your rescue team.

Hahahah…I do know, Jove.

We can’t really give our physical presence but let us do what is possible from our end.

I do know, and I pray for them sincerely, baby.

Our prayers would reach god, but we need to support them financially too. Even if 50-60% of what we contribute reaches to the needy people it will be great help…Something is better than nothing. Try to see it from receiver’s end, Jay.

There are many others to support, baby.

What if everyone steps back thinking the same??


I have planned to donate via Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund account, I want you to join me whole heartedly, Ajay.


  • Very thoughtful article Adharv :clap: Indha samayathula rombavum mukkiyamana vizhippunarvu :thnkx: <br />Hope things get better
  • Adharv first time i'm reading your story.... Very neat and clean.... And the timely one.... Hope it will reach as many people and their contribution goes to the needy ones... Thanks for the timely story
  • Yes, AdharvJo ,with full hearted we are extending our support to them. But I afraid that the situation in Kerala is not cooperate with the relief activities and I wish our soulful prayers will be fulfilled by the god…. Soon the situation will be normal. <br />And I like to appreciate the title… it is inner rhythm… an awakening word…
  • Hi Adharv....hats off to u for penning the need of the hour into a skit. yes many do wonder if the money they donate rerally reach the needy. but yes even if some part of it reach even one person then our puropose is fullfilled, thanks for this story

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