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Short Story - The salt of the earth!!! - Lalli

Mom Salt

Oru naalum unnai maravatha piriyatha varam vendum” – my mom is humming. She is having such a sweet voice. She is an amazing singer. It’s pleasing to the ear. I am very lucky to be her child. She is ecstatic today which I noticed in morning itself. Because every day she used to wake my dad with a forehead kiss but today she made his whole face wet. Lol! (I just giggled myself.) Because today is my dad b ’day. That's why she is flying high.

From morning she is hot blooded. As time goes, her excitement is going in peak. She has prepared Gulabjamun, Carrot halva and even she prepared mushroom briyani for dinner. I am tasting Gulabjamun now. Wow it’s scrummy! MouthwateringJ. I think I am one of the blessed person in this world.  I try to jump in a joy. But Mom is calling me. Let's go first...

“Hi baby you still awake? Didn't you sleep? Time is 3pm. OK let me tell you a story first. Then you should sleep soon OK.” 

 “No mom I am not feeling sleepy. Since you are happy I just want to look at you.”

“Hmm… Is it? DO you want to look at me like this?”

“How mom I didn't say anything to you but always you are guessing me correctly.” Mom was laughing for some time then she carried on.

“Ok. Today thought of telling you about your mummy and daddy's love story. Do you want to hear?”

“Wow! my mom did a love marriage.”

“Yeah babyJ. It’s a love marriage only”.

“Mom, really? I didn't expect this. Yeah of course! I am waiting keenly.”- Daily she used to tell me a story before my sleeping time. She is such a stupendous fabler. Now it’s her story. It’s going to be fascinating.

“First time I saw your daddy in an entrance of raj palace. It was a destination wedding of my friend. We were there for only 5 days but it’s a glorious period of my life baby.”

 “I was from bridesmaids and he was from groomsmen. You know what? In a destination wedding friends only will enjoy to the core more than all other attendants. They will form a gang even if they don't know each other. That's what we did. Totally we were 18 in our gang. Everyone was having all others contact no. Because many events were happening in various places of that palace. So if somebody miss somewhere they could call others. That’s helped me in our second day.”

“As I got late to nalangu function, others went first and asked me to come when I get ready. Later I couldn't able to find that function hall. Since your daddy name is Ajay he was first in my contacts. I called him and informed where I was. He came after 15 mins. That was our first one to one meeting. Your daddy was too handsome as he is now. Yes, I sighted him. But didn't have any other thoughts.”

“Mom I am sure he also would had sighted you. because you are too pretty.” Mom was in shy for some time.

“We reached our place even without asking each other’s details. But still now that is a special moment for me. Then he took a first move. After Mehandi function, he came near to me and said looking at my hand “It’s lovely. Shall I hold your hand?”.  Even though I got his point, I was kidding him - “if you hold, Mehandi will get spoiled. So you want my hand to be lovely or spoiled one”. I smiled at him. His eyes itself told everything to me. He too understood that I liked him. Then we danced together in Sangeeth function. We had a candle light dinner in lake which was inside the palace.”

“Finally the wedding vows moment came. “I vow to be patient, to be honest, to be everything that love demands of me as a husband. To share our lives until the end of time with humility, grace, and love. – groom. Take you to be my husband, through good times and bad, with dignity and honor - I love you, I cherish you, you are my everything.” – bride. We comprehended that getting married is an everlasting promise of love and one of the most romantic thing in this life. When groom knots the tie on the bride we thought of getting married with each other. Even though we had not spend our time together and had not spoken about our love but we were sure about one thing that we are made for each other.”

“Baby in this life you will be meeting many unknown persons. Even if some strangers may look like very known to you. Because of no reasons you may like someone and you may don't like someone. It’s all about your intuition. In that case just go with the flow. Don't think too much on it. That's what your mummy did even your daddy did the same. We came back without telling anything to each other. One month later your daddy came with his parents to talk to my parents. Finally, it ended well. Now it’s been 5yrs with your daddy.”

 In every words of her I could feel her love. Now I wanted to ask mom “whom you love most me or dad?” But I hear the dad’s car horn sound. Mom is running to the door and opening with her surprise gift. “Hi Ajay surprise!!! wish you a happy birthday my hubby… love you so much...”

Dad is pleasantly surprised...He is telling “hey it’s my 19th gift from morning. Nice one. Love you too, my wify...” - they enfolded each other.

“But are we still youth? Now we became parents. Why all these things wify?”

“It’s just for our unconditional love hubby. You won’t understand that.”


  • Thanks for your feedback :thnkx: Your question is correct. :clap: But its not early for them. I have mentioned that she had kept this as secret for long time that's why he started scolding her by asking how long its been nu. :yes: and ji neraya peru ipdi tha irukanga whatever whether it is love or arranged. in some cases they cant handle things correctly apo avangaluke antha relation ship mela doubt vanthruthu. :Q: <br /><br /> y I ended like this nu keta positive ah mudicha many ll take it as only story but ithu real time la inum nadanthutu tha iruku atleast padikravanga nama ini ipdi pana kudathunu nenaipangala athuku tha. :grin: <br />come on ji waiting for your story. :GL:
  • she feels happpy about 5yrs of der married life but not worth it ivangaloda understanding level is nil....for which they have to killed a life do they have the right do so???..... 3:) 3:) Even in the present era we have many parents who are dumb like this.... :sad: <br /><br />Over all super attempt waiting for the next story....heroin name-yavdhu vidunga pa ;-) <br /><br />:thnkx: for a meaningful story (y)
  • Ball enga court la pottu ninga enga poninga Lalli ma'am ;-) <br />Excellent yaar well narrated.... :clap: :clap: <br /><br />Ninga enoda adutha kadhai hero peru mattum thaa eduthukittingan ninaichen but konjam konjame konjam enoda theme kuda :D :P Hopefully I get sometime to write and send it ASP. :P <br /> <br /> :hatsoff: for you choice of theme and andha paapa oda unarchigalai rombhave azhaga present seithu irukinga very very cute but adhu varaikumm kuzhandhai pesuvadhu ketta amma why she didn't hear her voice at the end???<br /><br />I certainly don't agree to the decision what the parents have taken....Utter stupidity. It was not too late rendu perum sernthu oru better decision eduthu irukalam... Ivanga oruthara oruthara love panurangala hmmm ok but oruthara oruthar purinjikittu life lead panurangala :Q:
  • Heart touching story mam. Totally different from your previous story. Well narrated, did convey correctly and handled with maturity. <br />MOMs, the salt (basic and necessary ingredient) of real life. Without them, the world would have been become worse and waste. <br />What a great narrating skill you have mam, already have become one of my favourite author. You have just proved that you are not one dimensionsal writer by taking totally different plot and done a great job. <br />Looking forward for your next story and thanks for this lovely story.
  • :cry: <br />Till the end of the story I was expecting smone to save dat fetus... :cry:<br />How selfish & cruel we human beings who can kill their own child<br /><br />Abortion is a crime this shd b stopped
  • Very good story Lalli (y)<br /><br />We (human beings) have become so very selfish in all dimensions!!!<br /><br />It is sad :sad: <br /><br />But very well narrated story. Kudos to you :)
  • Great story :hatsoff: <br />Superb way of narration :hatsoff: wow <br />Yeah as you said money obviously plays a role in one's life but that is not all. Pointing out financial status for the abortion of second baby is actually not right :-| <br />Conversation between the mother n fetus really so cute!!!<br />Wish that these kinda things don't happen :-)<br />Well written ma'am!<br />Best wishes :-)
  • Cute but very sad story . Starting 1 1/2 pages goes well. First itself I guess a baby is narrating and I thought it is first one then only know I thought it is a fetus by the anger of father.Finally proved it is fetus.Read this type of story(I mean here fetus narrating)more but yours touched a lot. The way of narrating the love between her ma and pa and ma and her by the child very cute. Specially feel very emotional between she and her bro. Yeah u r true most of the abortion going like this kind also. I will not blame Ajay he just want to provide everything good to his family.here the mistake is he must to tell this situation before itself to his wife.He must discuss this topic before. And must take precaution . As a mother , her emotions also very clearly u potraying.Because of not well planning one princess become unborn... keep writing and congratulations for this good story :-)

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